Real Truth

Real Truth-1Have any of you ever noticed how there are days when sometimes the most commonplace happenings around you suddenly become noticeably crazy?  I think today was one of them to where I was noticing some of the most bizarre things happening.

First off, as I was driving down a street, I happened to notice a woman digging for something in her back seat which was filled with so many plastic bags, it was level with her windows.  How someone could drive around town with something like that in their back seat is beyond me.  It certainly looked like it took some time to create that backseat mound, and likely that way for a very long time.

Another strange experience took place while stopped at a four lane stop sign while being on the inside lane, a young woman in the outside lane with Ohio plates, suddenly without warning turned left right in front of me.  It looked like she was paying more attention to her cell phone than her driving.  That could have been a real fender bender if I hadn’t been watching her. I don’t think I want to be driving in the State of Ohio if that’s the way they drive.

And again, while I was headed northbound on S. Delaware near the Mall, a man with his windows down was talking to someone on his cellphone with his speaker.  Every other word was an “F” bomb.  He was quite stout and in great need of a facial.  His whiskers were sticking out similar to a porcupines.  What really got me was seeing him eating a big slice of pizza, spitting out his “F” bombs, all the while driving.  As he drove past me I noticed he had one of those rubber tie-downs holding his trunk lid closed. I was relieved to see his vehicle had Minnesota license plates.  After seeing that, I said to myself, “You just git yourself back to the Peoples Republic of Minnesota and take your “F” bombs and pizza boxes with you.”

Another one of my listings closed today with a gentle landing.  I was exceptionally glad of it because it was a bit of a rocky road getting there.  It’ll go down this year as being one of those classic examples of there being too many cooks who were trying to spoil the soup.  Of course it all worked out in the end and I guess that’s what was the most important.

Later this afternoon I happened to run into one of our City’s influential citizens.  We had a nice chat about general things, but I couldn’t help but remind him how much wicked gossiping and one-sided news reporting goes on in our City.  He made me laugh by saying, “We may live in a City, but many of our residents act like they’re living in a small town.”  We both agreed there’s too much bias reporting taking place in our area medias.

For those few who know the rest of the stories must consider it nothing less than false reporting.  In seeing what’s been happening around the world with the fake news that’s being promoted in political arenas, it looks to be yet another one of our problems that’ll have to be addressed.  If it continues on such a path, it’ll be making all the more of us wonder just who or what we can believe to be the real truth.

Joe Chodur

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