Fleeting Past

Fleeting Past-1Since it was such a beautiful day, I thought I’d take an early drive out of town to a North Iowa church service.  I could see the farmers were busy these past days in their fields.  Seems each time I really look, the tractors and the machinery they’re pulling are getting all the bigger.  The new tractors with those curious looking rubber wheels that look like tank tractions have evidently grown popular.  I’m not sure why they switched, but it must’ve had something to do with their ability to pull heavier loads, or perhaps work in muddier fields.

I arrived at my destination just as the church bells were tolling.  When walking in I could “feel” the atmosphere had changed which was all the more inviting.  This particular church was more stark and remiss of many religious decorations one normally would find in a house of worship.  The church was about half full of members which gave me more freedom to find a seat.

Since the church is located in a very small town, it appeared most of the participants were farmers.  You can usually tell by their rugged appearance and a worker’s hands–especially with the older ones.  I’ll not forget being teased a bit when in high school over the size of my hands.  Many of my classmates had pretty pampered lives and didn’t have to do outside chores every day like I did.  I would sometimes under-estimate the strength of my mitts and end up breaking something while trying to get it un-stuck.

The church service lasted a little over an hour and just before I walked out, I made a point to go up to the pastor and tell him how good his sermon was. I made him blush a little bit, and after he thanked me, he asked where I was from.  When I told him, he asked if I had relatives living in the area.  All I could say was, “My grandparents farmed and raised their children a number of years ago in this County.”  I guess that was good enough for him because with a sincere voice, he invited me to make as many return visits as I liked.  I was humbled when when he said, “You’ll always be welcome in this place.”

While driving back I was again reminded how important it is to tell others when they do a good job.  It really does help to keep them working at becoming better.  Of course, I’m not one who freely praises people for mediocre work because it creates no real  encouragement.  Speaking of this, reminds me of a not so pleasant visit I had with a gentleman later this afternoon about his slacking off on fulfilling his agreement to take care of a home he is renting.  I’m really not a nit picker, but when I see people sliding backwards, more sooner than later, I let my opinions be know.

I discovered my day flew by after I finally stopped working on a small project.  Again, I must’ve become hyper-focused to where the hours went fleeting past without notice.

Joe Chodur

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