Childhood Stories

Childhood StoriesYou all may consider me being redundant when speaking about this beautiful weather we’ve been having these past three days, but I can’t help it.  There’s been little or no wind, the humidity level is down, the mosquitos haven’t started, and the daylight hours are growing all the longer.  How much better can we have it?  Of course there always has to be a killjoy in the group.  An annoying phone call came in today from someone complaining about a healthy crop of dandelions in her neighbor’s yard.  After I hung up, that’s all I could think of was, “You’re that concerned about someone else’s dandelions that you’re not even paying attention to this beauteous day!”  She was a perfect example of a person whose glass is always half empty.

I had a showing over in Nora Springs today, and while driving there I noticed an acreage where there were sheep outside grazing.  The ewes must have recently lambed and there I beheld two of the cutest lambs following their mother around wanting more milk.  Sheep have always been my favorite barnyard animals.  There’s something terribly gentle and wholesome about them.  It may sound strange I find them so endearing when remembering as a child on our big farm and being somewhere around five years old, I was climbing like a little monkey along the tops of the wooden pens where the sheep were corralled.  Somehow I slipped and fell flat on my back inside their pen.  When I opened my eyes, there they were, looking down at me from all sides.  I was the mouse and they were the monsters.  I wasn’t hurt and was pulled back out about as fast as I fell in, but I still remember those giant wooly faces staring down at me.

Over an hour was spent this morning showing the Alliant Energy building I have listed in our Historic Downtown.  Each time I show that exceptionally well built building, I can see what it must have looked like in its heyday.  The sky-high ceilings in the front area with their massive pillars was reminiscent of something one would see in Downtown Chicago.  Because there are so my cubicles in that area now, one doesn’t get the real effect of the room’s volume.  The Indiana limestone on the front of the building reminds me of one of the historic government buildings in Des Moines.  I’m hoping whomever does purchase it, will be careful to keep the originality of the building intact when making changes and/or improvements.

You all do remember me telling you about the geranium plants that I hung upside-down in the basement of my office last fall.  Well, I took them down and planted them, and I believe all eight of them are still alive.  I trimmed them back enough so they can start sending out new growth.  I’ll have to keep you updated on their progress.

My last appointment today took longer because one of the buyers just happened to mention how many children were in his immediate family.  I had a real knee-jerk reaction when he announced he has nine brothers and six sisters!  I absolutely love hearing stories being told from people who’ve grown up with so many siblings.  Before I left, I said to the gentleman, “I’ll certainly never forget you, and I can’t wait to hear more of your childhood stories.”  It couldn’t have been a better day.

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