Everything is Dual

Everything is DualJust these past days it seems nearly everyone’s talking about how tired they are of these gray days.  With April rapidly coming to an end, I’d say this has been one of the cloudiest of Aprils I’ve seen in a number of years.  It seems the sun continually attempts to stay out at least part of the day, but those gray clouds just want to come rolling back.

I went to a funeral viewing of a dear woman I’ve known for a number of years from the time I sold her and her husband their first home where they continued to live long after their children were grown, moved out, and started their own families.  She’d call me ever so often to ask my opinion about something that was happening in her neighborhood, or bring me up to speed with a concern she had about someone who had just moved into the neighborhood.

What I really liked about her was her determination to remain steadfast whenever there was something happening in her district that wasn’t to her liking.  Even though she was short and slightly built, her loud and sometimes blunt voice made up for it.  I used to tell people how much I liked her because she had guts enough to speak her mind about things she believed were wrong in her neighborhood and worked at correcting them.  She was a very family oriented person and enjoyed spending time with her children, grandchildren, and others in her extended family.  I told her aunt who arrived from out of State how I wished I could’ve cloned her and spread her in every neighborhood all over our City because she had the ability to keep the fiber of her neighborhood intact and wasn’t afraid to challenge someone trying to undermine it.  I will certainly miss her and indeed remember her as the strong and determined woman she was.

My public open house at 116 N. Seminary was a great success today to where there was someone there nearly the entire time.  Above all, it has really good bones and I’m convinced there’ll be a young person who’ll buy it and begin restoring it so to get it back to it’s original beauty. The two sets of pockets doors on the main floor are to die for.  For some reason, pocket doors have always been the cats meow for me.  Of course the walk-up attic that’s fully floored is also a bonus.  I’d much rather store items in an attic rather than a basement because as we all know, basements have a tendency to be damp which can cause anything made of paper or fiber to grow mildewed.  After today’s showings, I’ll wager the new owners are on the horizon.

Late today I happened to read something that reminded me of the principle of polarity.  We all know there are two sides to everything, and at the far end of each of those sides we find complete opposites. For example, hot and cold are opposites, yet they’re really the same thing.  The differences are simply those degrees of the very same.  So when does hot no longer remain hot, or cold no longer cold?  They’re nothing more than varying degrees of the same thing.  We can come to the same conclusion when speaking about darkness and light, small and large, white and black, soft and hard, noise and silence, dislike and like, and last of all, love and hate.  So you see, if there’s one side, there’s always the other side present to some degree.  The real test is to discover the exact points between all of them to where there’s an absolute balance. I’ve given you just a few examples, and I’m sure the more you try to prove this theory wrong, you’ll find that everything is dual in our world which is continually in the state of change.

Joe Chodur

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