Major Evils

Major EvilsAnother gray day in North Iowa didn’t stop me from getting one of my listings sold.  That house is what I consider to be a classic example of a home that has a mind of its own.  Nearly everyone chooses a home they want to buy, but once in a great while, it’s the home that invisibly taps the buyers on their shoulders and says, “I pick you.”, and its then end of the story.  Having known the new owner’s family for a very long time, as well as familiarizing myself with the home since I listed it, I believe it’s going to be a perfect fit for the both of them.  Now don’t think it sounds creepy, because it’s not.

A number of years ago, I walked into a home and was instantly taken by it to the point I didn’t even look completely through it because I was at a mad dash to get back to the office and write an over-asking price on it.  When I was informed several days later that another buyer offered even more over the asking price, I was devastated.  Several weeks passed and to my surprise, the listing agent called and said, “If you’re still interested in the house, it’s yours.”  You could have knocked me over with a feather when hearing that because I’d finally come to terms with not getting that house.  For some strange reason, the initial buyers were not able to get their financing arranged. Yes, there are times when things are just meant to be.

In spite of my stress-filled day, one of my dear clients managed to get a few good hearty laughs out of me.   I was bristling about how all the more agents are texting me instead of calling.  It’s now to the point where I get more texts from agents than phone calls.  She laughed and said, “The only person I text is one of my relatives because I know how much she hates it.”  That made me wonder if they’re just doing it all the more because they suspect I find it exceptionally annoying.  I truly don’t mind clients and customers texting me because it’s all part of doing business with the general public in these times, but within a given profession, I believe it most inappropriate.

And then there are those emojis that some of my junior colleagues freely use.  Aren’t they supposed to be used only with people you’re friends with, or have a more personal relationship?  Some of the ones they’ve use don’t even translate properly on my phone to where only half of them are show their real meaning.  Not long ago I was sent one that looked like an upside-down praying mantis.  I was very close to texting her back and saying, “What does an upside-down praying mantis have to do with my last response?”  Without another thought, I pressed the delete button.

My last appointment today was with a long term buyer who’s been a jewel to work with.  We somehow got on the subject of jealous humans and how they continue to poison as many people’s lives as possible just because of what’s going on in their brains.  It’s strange how most don’t talk about it as being a very bad mindset to have.  Perhaps it’s become more acceptable in our times, but I personally consider it one of our major evils.

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