Mythomaniacs-1In spite there being frost on the rooftops this morning, the day evolved into something quite pleasant.  As soon as the sun was high enough, the temps began to rapidly climb.  After it did warm up a bit, there were certainly a noticeable number of people out working in their yards as well as those Earth Day volunteers walking around picking up the trash that many of our mindless residents chose to freely discard while out driving, biking, or walking.  Every time I see some young person shoveling out food wrappers and empty cigarette cartons from their vehicles, I think, “What hybrid branch of the Affe family did you come from?”

Just today while hosting my open house at 650 S. Rhode Island, there was a couple who told their story about their neighbor who leaves trash outside his house and most of it ends up in their yard.  They’re out looking now because they’ve had enough of looking at his mess year in and year out.  Everyone believes that when a person reaches a certain age they automatically know better.  Well, not in these times because they were never properly instructed by their parents.  Just think, it’s now going to be an issue that’s generational.  Perhaps the storyline of the movie “Idiocracy” isn’t so far fetched after all.

My public open house was an absolute success by having people coming and going the entire time.  It was actually nice having a steady stream instead of a big bag of lookers all at once.  Everyone in attendance was very impressed with its quality and condition.  I’m thinking it’ll sell most quickly.  I even had a private showing on it later today.  I was sure to mention how wonderful it is to have such a large window above the kitchen sink because most don’t realize how much time is spent in one’s kitchen in and around the sink. There’s always something to look at instead of a set of cabinets or blank wall.

Since today was a memorable day for me, I spent a little time in quiet reflection over these many months.  What kept re-occurring in my thoughts was how there seems to be so many people in our time who like to stretch the truth, and even-out right lie about things that’ve happened in the past as well as what they’ve said, did, or didn’t do.  I’ve now found there to be two groups in our society.  The first group tends to be quiet about most of their achievements–especially those which involve helping others freely, and the second is the reverse to where they write letters, make phone calls, and tell even perfect strangers their vivid stories in attempting to convince the world of things that really didn’t happen in the past.

Since I work with nearly the full spectrum of humanity over the course of a year, it doesn’t take me long to recognize those who freely prevaricate.  Just recently a person died who a number of years ago, and before caller-id, would be on the phone with me nearly every day and force me to listen to endless repetitions of questionable achievements and dubious recollections.  It didn’t take me long to realize it was nothing but a game to get attention.

I read an article several days ago in the Globe which quoted something someone we all know said.  That statement, if it was truly said, came from the mouth of another mythomaniac living in our midst.  Just take a few moments and think about those whom you interact with on a regular basis, and then check to see if they’re yet another part of the growing numbers of mythomaniacs that have filtered into your lives. You may find it a bit frightening.

Joe Chodur

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