Beaten to Death

Beaten to DeathIt wasn’t very pleasant hearing it hailing outside late last evening.  Thank goodness the hail stones were not very large and only fell for about a minute or two.  Now today more rain again causing me to remember what last year’s April was like. I’d say we’re heading for a more wet and overcast Spring.  Speaking of Spring, I couldn’t help but notice the biggest patch of daffodils I’ve ever seen in my life getting ready to bloom.  I can imagine what they’re going to look like when they’re blossoms are fully opened.  Sometimes it can be the darnedest of simple things that can make one smile.

A home that I’ve been waiting for the seller to finish up on for some months, will be shown in its full glory sometime tomorrow afternoon.  When I walked thru it late this afternoon I was absolutely “wowed”.  I told the owner that if ever someone would be looking for an absolute perfectionist to do finish work for them, he’s the man.  Considering how tight our market is getting in certain price ranges, I’ll bet it’ll be sold relatively quickly–especially knowing everything’s up to today’s standards with the home’s interior and exterior.

It seems I’ve been on the road more with out of town appointments this past week.  I did get a contract signed on a home in Britt today.  I’m still in wonderment why most people don’t choose Britt’s lower prices over Garner’s.  Those two communities are close in proximity to each other, and those who are working, likely have jobs at at the same factories in the area.  I think there’s a certain “belief” with many in thinking Garner is by far a better place to live.  They’re too much alike to consider they’re that much different.

Today, I couldn’t help but turn a little on the wicked side when speaking to another about the over-use of certain words with the general public in North Iowa.  I shared with him the four I believe to be the most over-used which are: awesome, fantastic, cool, and hey.  Just think how many times you’ve heard these words in the course of a day or week, and by now have grown quite accustomed to them and possibly put them into use yourselves.  I only wish some would expand their existing bank of words with similar meanings so to at least freshen up their conversations.  Whenever the fourth example is used, I always think of a bale of hay. I’m sure by now you’re getting the drift.

What do you think about a few of the following interjections?

Alas, bravo, cheers, congratulations, dang, darn, eek, eureka, fiddlesticks, gee whiz, golly, goodness, good grief, gosh, hallelujah, holy buckets, holy cow, holy smokes, hot dog, hurray, oh dear, oh my, oh well, oops, ouch, phew, phooey, rats, whoa, whoops, wow, yikes, yippee, and yuck.  Certainly the list goes on, but at least it gives us a general idea that the same words don’t have to be beaten to death in over-use.  It also gives us all a challenge to make our statements a little more intrinsic so to create personality.  What do you think?

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