Eleventh Hour

Eleventh HourWith today’s activity in real estate, it appears the buyers are still out there.  Yet another one of my listings sold today.  Thank goodness I have a listing appointment scheduled for tomorrow and if the seller does list it, I’m certain it’ll be sold quickly due to its proposed price range as well as being in a popular neighborhood.  I’m quite familiar with the home since I sold it a number of years ago, and judging by the improvements the seller made on the outside, there’s no question it’s been upgraded within.

I’ve been getting a number of calls and showings lately on the acreage I have listed in Fertile which is telling me that now Spring has arrived, it’ll be the next one to get sold.  I have an appointment to show it this weekend to a buyer who certainly fits the profile of being the perfect match.  The more I’m up there, the more I’m falling in love with its old growth grove which covers about five acres.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if American Indians hunted those woods and left a few arrowheads and stone tools.  While standing on that hill and looking south to the Winnebago River, I’m sure if they camped there, it would’ve been a perfect spot to provide them a panoramic view of what was happening down at the riverbank.  What I admire the most about the American Indians before the white men arrived was their close connection to Nature and its seasonal movements.  Most believed they were savages, but in fact, they were just as educated as the settlers except in different ways.

The white men relied on machines while the Indians relied on their connection to Nature in providing their needs.  They knew more about natural remedies than we’ve yet to discover.  It sort of makes you wonder how many natural cures were lost or forgotten due to the continuous pushing westward by the early settlers.  When standing back and looking at the whole picture, it sort of makes you wonder who in those times were the most blind to the natural order of the world around them.  Just think about it.

After finishing up the paperwork on a recent sale, I couldn’t help but say to the husband, “You really should consider becoming a Realtor.”  He blushed and asked why.  I said, “Of all the people I cross paths with on a daily basis, there’s something markedly different about you.  You have that highly sought after personality that’s memorable.”  He actually wasn’t surprised I said it because he acknowledged that others have made similar statements.  I guess if I had to use one work to describe him, I would likely say he’s just downright genuine and entirely drama-free.

The above photo is of an old clock which reminded me of something a client told me several days ago.  He works in a big box store along with a number of other workers. To my disbelief he told me that there’ve been a few young workers who’ve said they have a problem reading time on regular round clocks.  It left me to wonder what our computerized world is coming to.  Would they even know when it’s their eleventh hour?

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