schadenfreudeAnother wet and gray day in North Iowa just came and went.  I’m beginning to wonder if Mother Nature is punishing us for something we’ve done or didn’t do.  Even the general public is beginning to set up and take notice of it.  Of course there’s always that psychological by-product of people being a bit more on the crabby side than normal. I encountered a classic example of one this morning.

I’m pretty much prepared for a listing I’ll be getting tomorrow, and since it’s pretty much in move-in condition, it should be sold relatively quick.  It’s another one that’s in a price range we’re seeing a shortage of this Spring.  One of my competitors has one of similar size and features that’s priced many thousands more.  We’ll see which one sells first.

One of the showings I had today was at a house which seemed frozen in time to where if it were an evening showing and dark outside, it would be a classic for the setting of something on the supernatural side.  I couldn’t believe how so many of the furnishings and household goods were beyond being old.  Even in the basement there were old glass-topped canning jars on the shelves with likely 60 or 70 year old food in them.  After that many years, I dare say whatever was placed in those jars when canned, have now lost all recognition.  Getting a little slap happy when seeing all those jars, I couldn’t help but repeat a few more annoying times, “Yum Yum!”

Since my buyer wanted the entire tour, we found ourselves up in the attic which was all the more creepy.  I couldn’t help but say, “Now this could be the place where you may possibly find a trunk lid begin to open on some dark and stormy night and suddenly find your flashlight just went dead.”  The look I got after saying that was a classic.  Yes, there still are some homes in North Iowa that have the ability to heighten one’s senses to where every step taken is in trepidation.

The above photo is one I took of a dog that’s still in its puppy stage and being the absolute definition of lovable.  It belongs to a tenant down the block and today was the first time I met the little darling.  I was informed it’s a Maltese/Havanese breed which I’ve never seen before.  It’s fur was so soft and silky to the point one would think it to fake. Such a sweet dog.  Doesn’t it make you want to have one?

While driving to Clear Lake and thinking about happenings this past month, I suddenly remembered a German word which is, schadenfreude.  The literal translation the word which sometimes makes its way into our conversational English is “harm-joy”.  It translates as the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. I’m finding more and more people in society getting their jollies out of schadenfreude, but the real payback for them in their futures is karma.  I never liked being around such pain loving mindsets.

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