Fashionably Stupid

DSC_3280In spite of the sun shining brightly, the cold north wind was certainly enough to keep everyone inside today.  Thinking it was going to be a warmer, I neglected to wear a heavier coat.  Oh well, I have to keep reminding myself we’re still in the month of March.

Part of my morning was spent sorting out emails and sending them under their respective file names.   After counting the number of emails I’d archived, it’s no wonder some days I feel chained to my computer when having to respond to the many emails I receive from the general public in a week’s time.

I’m still not sure where this business of texting is going to lead us.  The one mechanism created recently which I believe is going to drastically change our society—is texting.  There are already millions of islands of break-away mentalities who’ve now chosen to have as little personal interaction with others as possible, and it’s actually just fine with them.  The unfortunate by-product of it all is societal isolationism.  They want to be left alone to do their jobs and enjoy their time off with their text groups.

Sometimes I have to go over to the Post Office to mail something, and when standing in line, I can’t help but notice people texting while in line, and even while they’re at the window being helped.  I noticed a young man at the window yesterday mindlessly texting while he was being waited on.  I wonder what some of the clerks behind those public counters must think of it all.

Don’t ever believe the cloud computing isn’t growing all the smarter.  At least five times in the past month I’ve received a phone call from what sounded to be a young lady saying, “Hello.” with some sort of squeal/giggle following.  When I again respond with my “Hello”, the next think she said was something like, “Oh excuse me, my husband was dong something to me.”  Of course it then becomes an automatic hang up for me.  I have no idea what the company is trying to sell, but they’re getting all the more clever by using area prefixes.  I consider them VERY naughty monkeys for using the “evocative” card.

I mentioned these calls to several people, and found they’ve also been getting them.  More and more people are saying they’re not even answering their cell phones unless they know who the callers are.  Unfortunately in my business, I’m nearly forced to answer all calls.  And to think how much of our productive time those automated callers are wasting when calling the general public during work hours.

Not long ago, someone asked me if I read the comments of online news articles.  I told her I rarely if ever read them simply because they’re anonymous, and we all know how freely dark thoughts are communicated to others while under shrouds of darkness. Not but a week or so ago a man began telling me things that he’d read in the comments section of a recent article that allowed those “free speakers” to vent.  The more he attempted to get me to believe what was written to be true, the more I dug my heels in with my comments of disbelief.  After a few more minutes of listening to his skewed perceptions, I finally said to him, it appears all the more of our public are becoming fashionably stupid.”  My comment didn’t set well with him, but I’m sure in time he’ll get his dots connected.

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