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Get the Word OutIt seems the market is still churning forward to where it appears we may have an active Spring.  After several phone calls today, it looks like I’ll be getting several new listings next week.  I know I’m sounding redundant, but can’t speak enough about how fortunate, as well as thankful I am to have such loyal and faithful customers.  If it weren’t for them, I’d have been out of business years ago.  On the flip side, they also know that I’ll freely do whatever I can for them without resign.

For instance, I was visited today by the son of one of my past customers who timidly asked if I’d help him by creating a purchase agreement so he could buy of one of his family member’s homes.  Fortunately for him, I’ve kept on file, blank forms just for that purpose.  I spent well over an hour preparing as well as going over the purchase agreement and associated documents with him so that he fully understood the process.

Just as I was finishing up he said, “How much do I owe you for this?”  I smiled and replied, “Your family has given me more than enough business to warrant this a freebie on behalf of my office.  There’s a huge difference between expecting something to be free and freely giving.  I think I must’ve absorbed part of the mindset of one of my dear predecessors who was a real stickler when it came to being asked for something without warrant.  It’s certainly the ways of today’s world.  Far too many people think their owed something just because it’s there.  Yesterday I was on the phone with someone talking about that very idea when I said, “I’d rather freely give something I have to a monkey with a red ribbon around its neck rather than under duress, being pressured into giving it to an undeserving human.

It sounds like the weekend is going to be in the 50’s which is telling me I have to get out there and get a home or two sold.  I’m finding all the more buyers getting antsy to find their dream home so they’ll be settled in long before summer arrives.  I think many are also afraid of what the interest rates are going to be doing in the coming months.  I also recently read where in the metro areas, there’s a serious housing shortage for entry-level buyers.  I can’t exactly remember the number of years, but it sounds like this is the greatest housing shortage we’ve had in a very long time.

There’s one particular home I have listed that has me puzzled as to why it hasn’t yet sold, and that’s 15 N. Ohio.  We had it under contract several months ago but the buyer’s financing fell thru.  Perhaps after the snow is gone again, the perfect buyer will arrive. Another one that should’ve been sold is 703 – 11th St. NE.  It’s as maintenance free and picture perfect as you’d ever expect.  I had a similar home listed about 3 years ago that was also listed longer than expected, but in a matter of three days after a young gentleman inspected it, it was added to my sold list.  I just have to keep reminding myself that’s all it takes is one buyer to get a home sold.  Help me get the word out.

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