Happy Valentine’s Day of 2017

Happy Valentine's Day of 2017In spite of today’s north wind, we still had above normal temperatures.  I was shocked to hear that it’s supposed to get up into the mid to upper 50’s on Saturday.  While riding an elevator this morning I said to a woman, “With the likes of this weather, I can’t imagine anyone being in denial of global warming.”  She nodded and said, “It’s nice not having it so cold, but I do understand the long term effects it’s creating.”  I’m convinced that if each and every person in the world would take even the slightest proactive step to curb global warming, we’d possibly still have a chance to reverse it.

I bristle every time I see people using gas powered machines to do some of the simplest of chores.  From leaf blowers to gas powered weed whackers, there are too many machines doing what homeowners should be doing by hand.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s just another example of conspicuous consumption.  Can you give any reason why professional people who’re living in our City, honestly being able to justify their ownership of gas guzzling monster pickups with all their bells and whistles? That’ll be the day you’ll ever see them hauling bales of hay or sacks of seed corn in the beds of their pretty F1-somethings.  I had to borrow a monster pickup truck yesterday to move some doors and I felt like a midget driving a tank.

I’m nearly ready to start selling the pants off North Iowa this year.  I’ve got all my accounting done, the loose ends of listings and sales are taken care of, and I’ve even got my filing and storage system ready for another season.  I even went out and picked up another file cabinet for the office due to space running short in the one I use most.  Most people don’t realize how many years we have to keep our closed files in storage.  While in the storage area today, I started counting backwards the years and discovered I have a good number of files that are old enough to be shredded.  I’m either going to call a commercial shredding company, or see if I can borrow one for a day so I can free up more shelves.

My late closing today had a pleasant soft landing.  The seller said, “I’ve already shed my tears before I got here and I’m now perfectly fine with selling my property.”  Since it being Valentine’s Day, I went rummaging for a box one of my long deceased clients gave me which contained many vintage greeting cards that were never signed or sent.  To my surprise, I found at least ten really cute valentine cards.

I took those cards to my closing to share with everyone, and to my surprise, the buyer while reading one of the cards that had a Dutch theme, she said, “My daughter would love this one because she’s half Dutch.”  Without even a second thought I said, “Keep it. It’s my gift to you.”  She insisted not because she thought I was attached to it.  I then said, “I’m sure your daughter will appreciate it far more than I ever will.” The above photo is of one those vintage cards I shared.  Happy Valentine’s Day of 2017 to you all!

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