Illumination Part II

Illumination Part IIAlas our snow of several days ago is finally under control.  While pulling up to my back parking space at the office early this morning I found that someone with a very big blade pushed snow into my parking lot again.  How inconsiderate some people are while driving around town with their big blades dragging on the ground.  I decided not to drive over the hump of snow and park in the front.

After it grew lighter outside, I walked back with shovel in hand and started removing it.  Being oblivious to the world around me, I heard a woman’s voice say, “Could you please help me?”  I turned around and noticed one of the tenants next door standing there.  Almost pleading she said, “I got stuck in the snow and I’ve been trying to get out for the past half hour, but I can’t seem to budge my car and I’m already late for work”  I agreed and walked over, and after having a good look, I discovered her car was hung up on packed snow.  I grabbed her smaller shovel and started digging.

About 15 minutes later and thinking it was free enough, I said, “Just climb back in and drive slowly forward.”  She did and still no movement.  Getting down on my knees and getting a better look, I noticed the front carriage was what was being held fast by the packed snow. I worked a bit longer to where I believed I freed it up enough.  Distantly, I could hear her speaking on a cell, and when she hung up, she said, “I finally got ahold of my friend and he’s coming to get me out.”  I then said, “Let’s try it again, but this time, I’ll push from behind, but make sure you go slow and keep your wheels straight.”  She got in and did everything I asked while I pushed with all my strength from behind.  It actually worked!  She drove forward enough so she and I could get the packed snow out of her car’s path.

She couldn’t have thanked me enough and just as I was about to go back to what I was doing, her friend pulled up and climbed down from his “buck” pickup.  Taking one look at the size of him, I dare say he was brut enough to pick her car up and move it single- handedly. There’s always a bright note to every story, and my bright spot was finding that I could still dig someone out, and with a strong push, get a car out of a stuck position in spite of my ancient age.

Although there were few black spots in my day, there was a chance encounter with a young man who decided to tell me his short life story which brightened the remainder of my day.  It’s funny how simple public conversations, can in rare times, turn into deep philosophical debates.  After hearing a synopsis of his life’s journey, I was delighted to find a young man who’s barely turning thirty, beginning his backing away from all the must-haves that nearly everyone his age are insisting upon.  He announced his lack of ownership of a computer, a smart phone, a television, and above all, he enjoys reading and investigating.

He spoke about being lost and confused when younger until he finally realized what was important in his life.  He also mentioned a very bad relationship he was in for nearly a year with a woman who was draining him of his “life force”.  I finally interjected and said, “Those years were not years of being lost, but rather your times of darkness, and either you or someone else switched on you inner light by creating an illumination of your present world.”  He became a bit speechless and finally said, “You know, I’ve never looked at it that way, but you’re absolutely right.”  It was a conversation that was meant to take place.

My simple chat with him was what I’ll now consider to be the second time I’ve spoken about someone’s coming out of darkness and into the light.  Let’s all call it, Illumination Part II.

Joe Chodur

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