Be Exceptionally Careful

Be-Exceptionally-CarefulMaybe once or twice a year I find myself wrestling with a buyer/seller transaction that should have been a done deal weeks or even months earlier, but for some unexplainable reason, the more proposals and counter-proposals that are created, the more at odds the buyers and sellers become as they further themselves from a making a deal that should’ve been done early on in their so-called “game”.  There’s one in particular that’s quickly coming to a head to where either the buyer purchases the property or walks.  Having spent so much extra time on it already, I’m beginning to believe it to be certainly one of those marathon negotiations. Whatever happens going forward, will simply happen.  I’ll not be the least surprised if an intervening circumstance takes place which will create yet another twist in this dealmaking—like the arrival of another buyer at the table.

With it being a cold and half foggy day, I decided to call several colleagues before the lunch hour arrived and invite them out for a meal at Thai Bistro which is located in our Historic Downtown.  They both agreed so off I drove expecting some good food and great conversation.  Since I’ve lunched there before, I wasn’t concerned about the quality of the meal.  After we were seated by an unfamiliar face, we took a few minutes to choose what sounded good for today.  Our meals were delivered, all three of us after sampling our meals, were pleased with what we ordered. The strangest thing started happening which I’ll likely never forget because it just seemed a bit “odd” for the setting.  Whenever the waiter would come and pick up our empty plates or bowls, he’d say, “How is everything?” We’d singularly answer, “Good”.  But, his next response became a repeated, “Yum yum.”  The first time it happened we didn’t think much of it, but after the third or forth time it was bordering on noticeably annoying.  I said to one of my guests, “Does he think we’re children seated in a high chair in need of encouragement to eat what’s left on our plates?” I guess it must have been something he picked up from another server and thought it to be appropriate.

Something happened again today that’s making me all the more concerned over these hackings of our country’s emails its rising to a next level.  There are some really clever monkeys off-shore who’re now sending messages to people and appearing to be genuinely legit messages from their email providers.  About a week ago I received a message from what appeared to be my email provider saying I needed to change my password because my email account was under attack by someone in Russialand.  Well, thank goodness, I looked to see where that email came from and it turned out to be a spam.  Today, I received another one similar from a sender making it appear as though it was from my email provider and saying something about how they now have more efficient tools to stop attempted spam and hacks into my email account.  I looked to see where this one came from, and sure enough, it was spam. What is happening with the millions who don’t have a better understanding of our computer world—especially our elderly?

Most sternly I say to everyone, “Be exceptionally careful in not allowing yourselves to be duped by those likely foreign rascals who’re trying to steal your identities.  Every day, our age of information seems to be appearing all the more scary for me. I’ll be starting to fall back in “like” with snail mail.

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