Who’ll Be There for You?

Who'll-Be-There-for-You-1Yesterday was one of the quirkiest for me to where I looked at the calendar to see what phase the moon was in, and of no surprise to me, it was the day/night of the full moon.  Thinking back on all the strange happenings including some of the phone calls, emails, and letters, I’d say the Wolf Moon was indeed having its effect on humanity.

I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s called the Wolf Moon.  Well, back in the days of the colonists, the wolves would be hanging out and about the outskirts of villages at night howling from hunger during the January full moon.  I’m sure they were far more hungry back then than are now because the colonials were competing with them for fresh wild meat during their own lean months of winter.  I’d wager there’d be few if any of us today who could survive those most primitive of living conditions.

This brings me to our much talked about subject of the weather this coming weekend.  It sounds like we’re supposed to get around a ¼ inch of ice starting on Sunday.  I don’t even want to think about what that’s going to do to all the power lines and big trees in North Iowa.  I do hope everyone has plan “B” in place should the electricity go out from downed those lines.  That’s all I had to do was mention the last big ice storm we had on a Halloween night some years ago where one section of our City was without power for days. All I can say is, “Prepare yourselves for those possibilities.”  It’s too bad all our modern gas stoves have electric starters in them to where if the power does go out, the stoves won’t light.  At least with the old gas stoves, one could light the oven so to keep a home from getting really cold.

In conversation with a very wise man today, I mentioned a phone call I received some days ago from one who must’ve found nothing better to do than call me and continue making innuendoes that were totally uncalled for and downright mean spirited.  I went on to say how having known this person for a heaping number of years, I was shocked to hear such language being used in conversation with me.  The wise man paused and replied, “That person must’ve been harboring deep envies for you for a very long time, and after those things being said so many quiet years later, causes me to believe there’s some serious mental issues that need to be addressed.”  All I could say was, “In these times, there’s nearly nothing that people say or do that surprises me.”  His words of wisdom were, “Just keep your head high while moving onward and upward.”

While showing a home this afternoon to a couple who were looking at it for their parents who’re moving back to Mason City, I was again reminded of how many older people are moving back to North Iowa to be closer to their old friends and relatives.  It seems that’s all it takes is a health scare or two to get them to start thinking.  I soulfully interjected, “You’re lucky to be part of a family who’s nurtured your relationships because there’ve been others who’ve severed ties due to strife within their own families.”  They went on to share some really heartfelt stories of happenings within their extended family.  Before they left I said, “Keep up the good work you’re doing for your elders because there’ll be a day when you’ll be thankful you did.”  While driving back to my office I began thinking of those who’ve intentionally burned their own bridges and left me to wonder, “Who’ll be there for you?”

Joe Chodur

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