Another Angel

Another Angel-1Good Heavens!  Mother Nature certainly gave us quite a ride with our weather today. It started off at around 30 degrees with rain early this morning, and then followed up by pelting snow and now bitter cold wind.  Believe it or not, I was out sliding around in it most of the day.  One of my clients showed me a pair of high-tech rubber thing of amajigs that looked something like shower rubbers, but had about six small metal spikes on the bottom of each.  He said they worked very well while out on the ice.  I couldn’t help myself by teasingly saying to him, “They look like something you’d slip over your cowboy boots and go for a wild ride on a bucking bronco, to where the more you’d dig in, the more you’d get bucked!”  I’m not so sure he thought it as laughable as I did.

Of course this brings me to my statement I made to an associate this morning.  I said, “We’ve all heard about the wild wild West, but the happenings these past several years I’ve seen taking place in North Iowa, has caused me to believe we’re living in the wild wild North.”  I went on to tell some of the ludicrous things the general public have been doing and saying. Much to my vexation, I’ve even found it happening in my profession.

I was reminded again today how annoying it is when someone sends me a text and I immediately respond to it, but then there’s no following text of acknowledgment or agreement.  I’m now wondering what special cracker jack boxes they received their certificates of being fully educated in Social Skills?

Even this morning a truck that must’ve been contracted to sand a parking lot across the street from my office, just decided to jump the curb and drive across the grassy area onto the parking lot.  Seeing the name on the truck I thought, “Just as I’ve believed, you’ve got more guts than a packing house!”  Being inconsiderate must be a new fad that’s growing in popularity in our wild wild North.

One of the highlights of my day was spending about two hours doing some deep searching for a name and phone number of someone living out of State.  After searching all the references, and then cross-referencing, I actually found it.  Taking a deep breath, I picked up the phone and called the number.  The very person I was looking for answered the phone.  I’m sure at first he must’ve thought me to be a telemarketer or crank caller, but after explaining the reason for my call, he finally realized I was legit.

My other highlight of today was the most delightful visit I had with an elderly lady who’s been traveling down a similar path with me regarding our recent loss of a loved one. It’s amazing how near complete strangers experience similar happenings leading up to the death of someone special.  I couldn’t have thanked her enough for sharing her story with me, as well as helping each other in more fully understanding the whole process of it all.  I do hope her family realizes how wonderful a person they have for a mother.  While suffering through today’s wintery storm, I found another angel living in our midst.

Joe Chodur

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