In Nomine Veritas

In Nomine VeritasIf there were to be one more thing go wrong today, I’d have been ready to go out and spit.  Ninety-nine percent of today’s problems were all associated with this satanically cold weather.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t have the wind blowing and creating a deadly windchill.   As I’ve always told people, “When it comes to winter, prepare yourselves for the worst.”  Just for an example, I received calls beginning this morning about a furnace that quit working in the night, another about a drain pipe having frozen which created a plug, another about a lockbox on a house that decided to suddenly die, and finally, a heavy duty padlock refusing to open after the key was turned.   So much for heavy duty padlocks made in China.  It certainly wasn’t fun having to call a locksmith to have it sawed off.

Driving down the highway this morning to an office in Northwood really made a believer out of me how deadly the windchill can be.  The highway was extra bumpy due to the pavement contracting from the cold and likely my vehicles springs not being the springiest.  I shivered when noticing a deer caracas in a ditch with about six crows pecking away at its flesh and bones. I rolled down my window for a moment or two just to get a “feel” of how cold it really was.  Oh Mercy!  I wager anyone stranded out on a country road would have been fighting just to to stay alive.  At least the wind went down with the sun this evening and hopefully it won’t be back tomorrow.

One of the powers that be in our City stopped by my office today.  We found ourselves on the subject of people wanting to be noticed in bad ways.  There were examples given and comments made.  I couldn’t help but say, “Well you know, some adults are like children.  If they can’t get a controlling form of attention in a good way, they’ll dream up bad ways.”  If we would all stand back far enough and look at the history of those trouble makers and pot stirrers in our communities, we would take the cue of turning deaf ears.

Having been fortunate enough to work with the crosscut of society and remembering to take note of patterns that emerge, it’s really not so hard for me to recognize the markings of devious and manipulative minds.  Just today I was handed a letter that was written by  one such person, and that’s all I chose to do was dismiss it as another attempt at wanting to be in control as well as noticed.  Remember, the sociologist have said we are now living in the age of “Look at me!”.

Whenever I hear someone speaking in a guarded voice and carefully chosen words is usually an indication there’s some relevant truth that’s being withheld. I would love to have a wooden plaque mounted above my door that reads, “In Nomine Veritas.”  Surely most would ask what it means, and perhaps it would help to set the tone for a more productive meeting once I supply its translation.

Joe Chodur

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