Happy 2017

happy 217To my surprise, there were people coming and going nearly the entire two hours I was at my public open house today.  I believe the word is finally getting out about the home’s great value as well as location.  There were more than just a few commenting on how light and bright the home is, which is what I’ve said from the very first time I entered the home.  I have a very good feeling the future owner of the home was in attendance today.  From what I could see, it’ll be a perfect fit.  Sure wish I had a garage as new and nice as the one located on its property.  The beautiful afternoon that unfolded was likely a big help with the traffic.

One of my past clients stopped by my office early this morning inquiring about the acreage I have listed in Fertile.  I was surprised yet not because he’s mentioned several times over the years how he’d like to live in the country.  What concerned me more than a little were the stories he was telling about how his neighborhood is deteriorating due to the number of rentals now located near him, as well as the lack of care the owners take regarding their management.  After he told me some of the things that have now been happening in his location, I quickly decided if I were him, I’d likely have planted a for sale sign in my yard months ago.

When you step back and look at the evolution of neighborhoods, it becomes frightening when realizing how easy it is to cut the fibers that keep general residential areas connected.  All it takes is one or two rental homes in a given block that are rented to whomever comes along with cash in hand to turn a given block upside down.  Whenever we find homes being rented to a number of un-related people, you’ll likely find it to be nothing more than a flop house or party haven.  For some of the landlords it’s no big deal as long as they get their rents without giving a hoot about the neighborhood’s homeowners living nearby.

Since I’ve lived here nearly my entire life, I can drive up and down the streets in all our residential areas and tell you what they used to look like.  If I would have taken photos of those areas say 30 years ago and compare them to what they look like now, some would be shockingly different.  A number of the powers-that-be take apathetic views of it all in knowing it’s not happening in their back yards. This is yet another example of how non-community mindedness can ruin a City’s texture.  Instead of looking back in recall of this year’s events, why don’t we all take a blank piece of paper out and start making our own predictions of what we believe the coming year will bring. Consider them not just for ourselves, but our community, our Country, and our world.   Now this is where it gets interesting.  After you’ve completed your list, take a moment and re-read it, and if there are any negative foresights contained, take mental notes of them and make quiet promises to perform daily duties of wishing, or personally intending them to be changed to the good over these coming twelve months.

It’ll be interesting if you should discover when 2017 ends, the number of negative possibilities you’ve wished changed having turned positive.  In hopes, you’ll be personally convinced you’ve engaged yourselves in quite the worthwhile experiment not just yourselves, but for the rest of us in knowing you’ve singularly helped to create a truly Happy 2017 for our planet.

Joe Chodur

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