Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas 2016-1Waking up to this crazy weather this morning was an unexpected sight.  I do hope those who are traveling any great distances are being all the more careful on the roads.  If anyone with any possible understanding as well as memory, would certainly know global warming is having an impact on our weather patterns.

Just in the short drive I took today in the rain and wind, it reminded me of weather conditions we would rarely experience during March when Spring is trying to shed Winter’s frozen hold on North Iowa, but never to be expected at December’s end.  Not too many years ago we were starting to see ice storms, but now with the temperature so warm, we’re getting rain.  I read where it’s supposed to be 40 degrees today.  I do hope the City gets out and clears off some of the slushy side streets before it freezes again.

Having decided to take a break from Holiday festivities this year since my mother’s passing, I spent about as quiet a day as possible to simply remember and reflect.  My rarely played piano was growing weary of my nearly two hours of non-stop playing of random pieces of familiar music.  The bulk of them were Christmas songs.  I’ve discovered one thing for sure, and that’s getting my piano a long overdue tuning.  It’s just one more example of how we loose track of this supposed linear movement of time.

My next hour or so was spent on reading the last third of a book I’ve been working on in my spare time.  I purchased it at a book store about six months ago and now that I’m really into it,  I wish I’d taken several days off and read it from cover to cover.  Nearly all books that are based on scientific research can be daunting at times because they’re usually filled with references and footnotes, but after one grows accustomed to them, they become more readable.  This particular read has confirmed many suspicions I’ve had over the years as to why certain things happen which defy coincidence.  If the book ends as I believe it will, I’ll be ordering about ten of them to give as gifts to people who possess a far greater understanding than I do of why things are the way they are.

While coming back from my short trek out of town to deliver the absolute last of my Christmas gifts, I decided to drive the long way home by taking a few blacktops.  Without paying much attention, I found myself driving towards the Ventura Grade.  Fortunately I had my camera with me just in case I’d see something worth sharing with all of you.  Since I’ve not been over to the Grade during the Winter for many years, I didn’t realize the number of muskrat mounds there are dotting the Ventura Marsh.  After seeing them, I decided they’d be worth the above photo.  While driving back, I began to wonder if they’re even trapped anymore.  Their pelts were quite sought after back when I was young, but as you know, many tastes have changed since then.  With that said, “Merry Christmas 2016 from the muskrats enjoying their sleepy day deep in their mounds at Ventura Marsh.

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