Digitalized Death Traps

Digitalized-Death-TrapsWell, after getting whacked on my head by my trunk lid not opening quick enough, I have myself brought back up to speed again regarding how the extreme cold can affect some of the simplest of mechanisms.  I thought it went up to it’s normal height while opening until I went to get something out and got a good head bonking. The very same thing happened several winters ago. Ouch!  Another lesson had to be re-learned.

While visiting with one of my out of State clients this morning, I was asked how the weather was in Mason City and I couldn’t help but truthfully say, “I layered myself with as much woven animal hair I could find.”  The one sweater I’ve always cherished, and put to good use on days like today, is my camel hair cardigan.  It really does the trick in keeping my arms and upper torso warm.  I’ve tried those so-called microfiber outer-covers, and I’m not the least bit impressed with their purported ability to contain body heat.  We all have our favorites don’t we?

Another hour was spent working on my Christmas list.  It looks like I’m getting it more under control than it was last year at this time.  I’m staying hopeful the weather won’t be brutal for those who’re traveling any great distances.  There’s nothing worse than having a tragedy during the Holiday Season.  As I’ve told everyone, “It’s better to be prudent and stay home, instead of having one’s nerves fried after driving on dangerous roads.”

I sometimes tell my story about departing Mason City with my grandmother in a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle, and on our way to Indiana, we were caught on the backside of a blizzard. To top it all off, we had a flat tire in the middle of the night on the south side of Chicago. Oh Mercy!  That was an experience that was branded as one of my life’s lessons.  Even now, the rare times I see a VW the color and near-year of my grandmother’s, I instantly recall that harrowing experience.

We’re still getting activity on some the office listings, and hopefully there’ll be two of them sold before Christmas.  As far as I’m concerned, the two mid-range listings that are real values in our market are 15 N. Ohio and 850 – 15th St. SE here in Mason City.  There’s gotta be at least two buyers in our market that’ll realize their intrinsic values.   I’m placing my bets on the millennials who’re more prudent buyers in our times.  They’re the ones who’ll likely get our society back on track with their more common sense priorities regarding home purchases.

While waiting for an appointment to arrive, I decided to check the online news.  One article disturbed me greatly while reading the estimated number of Yahoo accounts that were hacked back in 2013 which compromised an estimated 1 billion accounts.  I can’t begin to imagine how dastardly the dark side has become by stealing the personal information of that many perfectly innocent people.  After reading about all the recent hackings that occurred during our elections, I’m becoming all the more aware of how frightening our digitalized death traps have become.  Is anyone up for some snail mail?

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