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Art of Giving-1It certainly was a bit of a hodgepodge day when finding myself the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker with the peripherals that always seem to be somehow connected to real estate sales.  Since we’re in the midst of another bright winter full moon, I think the temperaments of many were a little on the hot side after hearing a story about an argument that got pretty heated with several workers.   The amazing thing about some workers, is that they work harder at getting out of work rather than simply getting it done.  I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve had to cajole people over the years into doing their jobs in a timely and professional manner.  There always has to be something that has to shut down the assembly lines of progress.  Many use the excuse of management vs worker differences being “generational”.  “Hogwash” I say.  When it comes to doing an agreed to job for a given per hour or monthly amount has absolutely nothing to do with any generation out of which they’ve been cast.  It’s a flimsy excuse that’s unfortunately believed by many.  I’ll scream if I hear of another impasse being generationally created.

I know I’ve spoken about this before, but I was reminded today when seeing a worker in a store busy having a personal conversation on his cell phone.  Even though I’m not a betting person, I’d wager a great sum to prove my theory that there’s a great loss in productivity taking place in the bulk of our Nation’s companies due to their having allowed their employees to carry cell phones to their workstations.  Make a mental note of what I’ve just said the next time you’re at work, or even at any given store.  It’s become so commonplace now that nearly all of it goes un-noticed.  Cell phone addiction is becoming a global pandemic and likely to get worse before it gets better.  As a footnote, just think of how many times you see people running to rest rooms or down hallways for obscure reasons.  If they were followed, you’d find them with cell phones in hand and texting or chatting with some “special” someone.

A client called me today to take a look at a letter to the editor that was posted online.  After reading it, I thought to myself, “You, Mr. Letter Writer are a real rooster of fire for writing such garbage as well as whomever allowed such drivel to be printed.”  I couldn’t help but share my disdain with a prominent citizen of our City who arrived at my office today to talk about a real estate matter.  We both agreed that the reason many of our newspapers today are encouraged to publish negative press. They don’t want to report the news without bias, but rather help create the news in their own stilted manner.

It’s unfortunate many in the public don’t understand the difference between reporting news and creating it.  They’re like long-nosed half human, half elephantine beings with their snouts in vats of “gossip”.  While on his way out, he encouraged me to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

Having taken a very long lunch hour, I made a few stops at several local stores to pick up some Christmas gifts.  It always takes me longer to prepare for gift giving because I take great care about not only whom I choose to gift, but also what I give.  A very wise elderly woman once told me a great many years ago her beliefs concerning gifting.  She said, “Whenever you think you’re being forced into giving something to someone, it’s really not a gift, but rather a guilt-ridden bone, whereas the real art of giving, is to be able to freely and soulfully give without even the smallest of strings attached.”   Just think about her words while out shopping this Holiday Season.

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