A White Christmas

A White ChristmasIt seemed this to be one of those days that went WHOOSH.  Between taking phone calls, presenting offers, showing homes, inspecting others, and doing first of the month accounting, the hours seemed to go by in blinks.

There was an opportunity for me to speak to a 21 year old who is the son of one of my clients about the most recent events that’s been going on in regards to the spreading of falsities all over the social medias.  I was playing the part of the devil’s advocate by asking him relatively simple worldly questions and beginning with, “Did you know…”.  I would say he knew about half of the answers.  It may sound like it was a passing grade, but it wasn’t because the questions were centered around truths I believed everyone should have learned long before being of the age of one and twenty.  I believe it was a bit of a wakeup call for him even without my encouragement to learn and understand more.  I had to laugh when he said, “Your English isn’t like most I’ve heard.”   I then said, “Perhaps it may sound different because I do attempt to choose words which are most appropriate when relaying my ideas or opinions.”  We both got a few more laughs when speaking about the “fill” words many people unknowing use when in conversation.  Perhaps I’ll start writing them down and share with everyone some time this winter.  I’m sure you’ll find them laughable.

It must have also been a day when I was being a bit more frank with my opinions of people to where I said to a businessman today, “You know, I never could understand why that person dis-liked me.”  Before I could wait for a response, I continued by saying, “Oh. Now that I think about it, he didn’t like anyone.”  There was a wink and a simple three word response, “You got it!”  When walking back to my car I thought, “You know Mr. Chodur, it’s good to step back a little farther when passing judgement on those acid-tongued people because they’re most likely treating everyone around them similarly.”  We can all survive living in the midst of venomous snakes as long as we keep a safe distance from their fangs.  The best way to handle them when finding ourselves in their midst, is to slowly back away and never go down their paths again.

Without surprise, I’ve already received two offers on one of my most recent listings.  It’s funny how I can sometimes make the call before a home gets listed.  I told the sellers it’ll likely sell more sooner than later, and it looks like my forecast is going to become a reality.  As long as a home presents itself with its best foot forward, that’s usually all that’s needed to get the job done.   It sounds like we’re going to have a turn for the worse with our weather this week.  I’ve already warned a few people regarding their being appropriately dressed. It’s not so much the cold, but rather those biting winds that can chill bones.  When looking at the above photo, aren’t we all now wanting a white Christmas puppy?

Joe Chodur

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