Knowledge vs Ignorance

Knowledge-vs-IgnoranceWaking up to snowfall wasn’t my idea of a pleasant Sunday morning.  I had a few deep suspicions it was going to snow last night, but kept silent in hopes I was only being paranoid.  Oh well, we’ve had our first snow of the season, so now we can officially say we’re in the throws of winter.   Since I couldn’t do anything outside other than shovel, I went back indoors to get more organizing and arranging done.  I did get at least three hours of menial chores in before I had to get changed back to my Realtor clothes and off to my public open house.  I didn’t have as many people at my open as I was hoping, but at least it was placed back at the forefront of the medias via the newspaper and internet.  While I was there, I was visualizing the improvements I would make both on the main floor and in the basement.  One of the very well planned features of the home is the covered private patio that’s located behind the home.  I could see that area being turned into a great place to enjoy the outdoors during our summer months.  One could easily turn that area into a three seasons room by adding just one exterior windowed wall and then removing a window in the dining room and replacing it with a patio door with steps down.  850 – 15th St. SE has endless possibilities for someone looking in the 80K price range.

Some days ago, someone brought up the subject of karma when talking about an unfortunate incident.  I said to him, “Because I’ve been a bit of a passive by-stander in our community for a great many years, I’ve come to be a great believer in karma.”  I went on to encourage him to read a recent book called, “The Soul’s Code”.  Many believe that karma affects just the person who’s doing bad.  “Not so” I say.  I believe it travels about within families to where it even affects their children, and possibly grandchildren depending on the severity of the wrongs that were committed.  Once in conversation with one of my very old relatives a great many years ago, she said, “Sometimes the sins of the mothers and fathers are passed onto the sons and daughters.”  I never forgot those words and was reminded of them over the years while standing at the sidelines and watching the actions within various families.  It’s almost as though some invisible force is driving their proverbial “buses” over their cliffs.

There was an interview with David Remnick who’s the editor of “The New Yorker” that was recently published which I was reading today which brought me fully up to speed in how effective falsities can be spread to millions via the social medias—especially Facebook.  He was giving some examples of how gullible the un-educated public can be duped into believing some of the most outlandish news threads.  Can you believe there were millions who read on Facebook that Pope Francis endorsed a presidential candidate and considered it to be true?  Anyone with even the slightest understanding of the separation of Church and State would know that statement was preposterous.

These past months have really opened my eyes, and hopefully millions of others, to where there are far too many people who’re greatly lacking in truths that’ve been understood for a very long time.  Perhaps our high schools and colleges should begin requiring courses in Knowledge of Reality, so they can make more fact-based judgements when faced with hard decisions.   If a thread shows up on Facebook that the earth is flat and people start believing it, we just might as well throw in the towel because the match between Knowledge vs Ignorance is over.

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