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Our Timeless ReminderThis afternoon’s public open house at 850 – 15th St. SE was more of a success than I’d expected due to the most pleasant weather we’ve been having these past days.  I’m still in disbelief it hasn’t sold yet since I was certain it would be gone in less than a month.  It’s location is highly sought after, the home is well built, and it’s had numerous recent updates including permanent siding, newer thermal windows, and a newer furnace and central air.  All three bedrooms have hardwood floors, and I did some peeking under the carpet in the living room and it’s also hardwood.  So many of the younger crowd are wanting hardwood floors which this home already has.  People who are wanting hardwood floors installed in their homes have crude awakenings whenever investigating not only the cost of materials, but also the cost of installation.  If you happen to know anyone who’s looking for a clean 3 bedroom ranch home in the southeast area, please pass this information along to them.  The link to the home is below.

My morning was free of appointments so I decided to get back to some menial tasks that’ve long awaited my attention.  It seemed the project had a mind of its own since finding myself getting several good scratches from boards that had their own ideas.  It could have been partially my fault since I’d sort of lost the hang of being more careful, but it soon returned after getting those nasty scratches.  It made me think of a story an old gentleman told me concerning an accident that took place in his youth.  It seemed his younger brother decided to get one of those old tractor mounted corn pickers free of something that’d been caught in it.  Well, as we all know, old farm machinery has caused many fingers, arms, and even more being lost whenever extreme caution was not taken.   When his brother reached to get it out, one of the chain drives caught his hand and nearly ripped it off.  His father managed to get him free, but his hand was so mutilated, it had to be amputated.  Several days later his father marched the brothers to the grave of his mother who also lost her life to a freak accident.  What did they do at the grave?  Well, his father made the both of them dig a hole at the foot of their mother’s grave and bury that mutilated hand.  After they were finished, all his father said was, “You just remember how quickly and easily a life can be lost by not being careful.”  I guess we can use his words from so many years ago as our timeless reminder.

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