A Bowl of Jelly Beans

A Bowl of Jelly BeansToday was another example of what happens the Monday after daylight savings time takes place. There are likely many who have similar reactions where everything feels “off” because of that one hour having been moved forward or back. While working away, I kept having that “feeling” it was later than it actually was. It seemed as though noon would never arrive. Our stomachs even have to be re-trained to wait another hour to be fed. What I dislike the most is how early it grows dark outside. Most people try to get things done after work rather than before, and when robbed of that extra hour of light, we feel all the more prisoners of the coming winter’s darkness. I’m eternally grateful for the invention of LED lighting where many of us can leave all the more lights on without fear of having a staggeringly high electric bill. My least favorite thing is going around and changing the time on our sophisticated electronics that illuminate the current time. I fought with one for about a half hour today until I finally got it changed to the correct time.

I must remind everyone again about getting your homes up to speed for the coming cold months. Make sure you have your furnace filters changed, the batteries in your thermostats fresh, and above all, get your vehicles prepared both inside and out for any of those “what if’s” that may happen while out driving in the snow and cold. Be sure your snow removal equipment is ready for another season as well. It’s much easier to be prepared early than waiting until that first snow day arrives and you can’t get your snow blowers running, or find your favorite snow shovel.

I had another delightful conversation with a colleague today regarding a problem tenant she’s been dealing with these past weeks. I couldn’t help but tease her a little bit by saying, “If I were you, I’d ask them if they’d ever been kicked by a horse, and if they say they haven’t, just tell them they may feel as though they have if they don’t tow the line with their rental agreement.” At least I brought her to laughter. I shared a little insight about how I’ve handled problem tenants over the years in hopes she’ll feel as though she’s got a few more avenues to take before going to Court. It’s very unfortunate for most problem tenants when discovering they can’t get their rental applications easily accepted due to Court filings created against them by previous landlords. That information is public record, and stays there for a great number of years. I believe if they’d known that fact the very first time they stiffed a landlord, they would’ve likely done everything possible to get their tenant/landlord issues resolved before it ended up in Court. Again, it goes back to parents not taking an active step in teaching their children responsibility. I’ve heard tenants over the years making jokes about what they’d done to previous landlords, but little did they know how much they’d hurt themselves for a very long time.

After showing several customers a home this afternoon, the wife changed the subject and began speaking about how upset she is over this year’s election to where she can’t even tolerate hearing or reading about it. I couldn’t help but interject by say, “This election is like reaching blindfolded into a bowl of jelly beans and expecting to pick one you’ll like.” She laughed and said, “In my case, whomever filled the bowl, put all black ones in it, and I don’t like the taste of licorice!” Let’s all hope for the best tomorrow.

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