Habits and Haunts

Habits and Haunts-1It was quite the unbelievable day with our weather. I was nearly chilled to the bone this morning with the exceptionally damp cold air. No matter how much I tried to warm up, I continued to be uncomfortable. Then the afternoon arrived and things sort of turned upside-down. By the time 4:00 P.M. arrived, it was up to 75 degrees! What a drastic change in temperature in such a short period of time! I was seeing people out with short sleeve shirts, a man walking around with bib overalls on with a bare chest underneath, a very skimpily clad young woman having her photo taken against an old brick wall in a back alley, along with nearly all the other sights too be seen two months earlier. Without a doubt, this was a rocking-horse day with our weather.

Another one of my listings came to a “soft landing” closing earlier this morning. It really helps when everyone involved makes sure all bases are covered before closing day arrives. My seller paid me a very nice compliment to everyone at the closing table to where I was likely blushing from modesty. She said, “Joe’s been my financial adviser as well as my friend through this whole process, and I’m glad I chose him to sell my home.” As we were walking out I insisted she’d always be welcome to stop by my office any time whenever Downtown. In her bluntish kind way she said, “When are you going to get the front of your building painted?” I smiled and said, “It’s on the agenda for next Spring.” She then shook her finger at me and said, “I’m going to hold you to it because I’ll be driving by to look for it.” That was certainly one more incentive I was given by the general public to get cracking. Most really don’t know, and I don’t care to share with them the number of projects I’ve been faced with since before Summer, and as always, I had to prioritize what had to come first. Now having several big jobs near completion, and hopefully one or two more completed over winter, I’ll be back on track by moving forward with projects that’ve taken a back burner these past years. As though my head wasn’t big enough from this morning, I later received an e-mail from a buyer whom I recently sold a home to by saying, “I want to thank you again for taking good care of me with the purchase of the home I fell in love with.” It brings quiet tears to my eyes whenever someone freely compliments me for doing a good job—especially in these times where much is taken for granted.

Several different times today I ended up in conversation with people who’ve somehow allowed themselves to fall into dark ruts. I could sense there being something wrong with the both of them since I’ve known them for some time. They seemed to be overly anxious about the “what if’s” which was likely part of their problem. Most people don’t realize that out-of-control anxieties have a crippling effect on daily functions to where everything becomes a slow-motion struggle. I said to them both in a round about sort of way, “Compare your old habits and haunts to your current ones, and see if possibly there’s something you’re doing or not doing that’s exacerbating your problem.”, in being hopeful I was of the slightest bit of help. After moving on to lighter subjects, I bid each one farewell along with firmly reminding them, “Be sure to check those habits and haunts.”

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