Whispering Oaks

Whispering OaksThere was a mid-morning appointment I had out of town, so I thought I do the traveling church-goer again and randomly stop at a church in a small town in a community somewhere in the vicinity of where I was to be at for my showing. I’m getting the hang of it now with finding a church that’s ready to start their services. That’s all you have to do is follow the cars. When you stop to think about it, where would people be driving earlier in the morning from the country into a small town other than going to church? This one was smaller than I’d expected but big in the number of congregants.

It was another one I felt comfortable in where the ambiance was good and the sermon was fantastic to where when I left, I said to the minister, “Your sermon was good to the point where I’d take it on the road all over North Iowa.” I left him a bit speechless on two counts by me not only being a stranger, but also speaking so freely and openly about his ability to deliver a moving sermon. One thing that I couldn’t help but find a bit awkward was the woman leading the singing from up front who was quite tall, middle aged, and dressed in a very much body-hugging outfit. Now don’t think I’m being sassy because I come from a long line of big busted female relatives. The songstress had to have had a bust size about as large or larger than Mae West, and as I could see before me, she was not afraid to show it off. I was almost thinking she was distantly related to that big-busted side of my family because she was built similarly. No real flabbiness—just big boned and overly-endowed with that bust, and certainly knew how to carry it. I’ll not forget that memorable church service along with continuing to wonder if some of the male congregants were having a few impure thoughts while following along in song with the woman of “substance”.

My public open house didn’t have as many visitors as I was hoping, but since it was a near perfect day to do more nature-oriented things other than looking at an open house.  I did have one couple that stopped there who was more than “kicking tires” when looking at it. Unbeknownst to me, we’ve crossed several paths in the past where we both were in a win/win situation in the sale of a home. They have a keen eye on upgrading and improving a home to where it’s considerably above the average sale price. They seemed to be looking at it for a winter project and I encouraged them all the more by saying, “No matter what anyone says to you, it’s all about location, quality of construction, and condition. And if you can fulfill that criteria, you’ve got yourself a new project.” I think I gave them too much of an information overload to where they said, “We’ll talk about it and get back to you.” If they only knew, I wait for no one.

If someone is willing to pay a fair price for any of my listings, I rush to the seller with it and not look back thinking there’s someone else wavering or possibly trying to create a bidding war. I’ve heard of these shenanigans taking place with other Realtors, but I refuse to try to set the general public up to where there’s a false feeding frenzy created by some phantom agent working to sell a home that a given buyer wants. More than once I’ve heard the end horror stories told by those buyers and end loosers.  I stopped at an ancient grove today and took the above photo I call, “Whispering Oaks.”

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