Storm Clouds Brewing

Storm Clouds BrewingWell, it looks like another rainy day in North Iowa. The intermittent showers have been heavier than expected. Just now today, I happened to notice the walking path along the Winnebago River no longer being underwater, but will likely be covered again tomorrow morning if this rain continues. The wind gusts and the dark clouds were getting a little creepy when my cellphone beeped with a message saying our area is under a possible flash flood alert. I just hope we don’t have flooding and no big trees being downed with the wind. We’ll see the aftermath come tomorrow morning.

It’s been quieter this week as far as real estate with the exception of some crazy happenings with a potential sale of an out-of-office listing which turned into a bit of a circus. After my buyers were jockeyed around for the second time by the seller’s agent, they decided to pull their offer from the table. Situations like these do happen and sometimes I think they could’ve been avoided if everyone would stick to standard practices. Oh well, I just say, “Onward and upward” while moving forward in helping them find something more to their liking with no dramas.

During my haircut session today, my barber and I got into an interesting conversation about how young relatives not only look alike, but act like their predecessors to the point of being scary when finding similar situations repeating themselves with a family. The names change, but dead ringer dramas unfold within the following generations. He shared a few crazy stories as well as myself to where we were both left wondering if certain personality traits are transmitted during conception. While talking, I remembered a book I read a number of years ago called, “The Soul’s Code” which spoke about how there is an evolution within families towards being all the more bad as well as others in separate families working at becoming all the better. What interested me the most was how it is believed to be a continuous cycle going from bad to good, and then migrating again back to bad. The author used some prominent families here in the United States as examples. Another interesting point the author made was that there’s usually one “ringleader” in a family who’s making the unit go bad, while in another family there’s the “pure heart” who’s pushing his or her unit to become all the better.

It almost sounds like the eternal battle between good and evil in our world, but being condensed within given families. At the time, I used to make suggestions to others it being a good read, but finally stopped after finding them having fallen on deaf ears. So if you’re up to an interesting and thought provoking good read, see if you can find it, and if you do, you’ll likely start noticing similarities to what he was writing about within families of relatives and friends with whom you’re more fully acquainted.

One thing I started discovering after reading the book was finding myself more keen-eyed when determining who within a family was the real “ringleader”. It’s funny, most think ringleaders are the loud ones, but in reality, they’re usually the quiet of the crowd who are scheming in their dark worlds of selfishness and greed. I’m just glad I had a mother who blessed me with the gift of knowledge and understanding. I now see some nasty storm clouds brewing over North Iowa tonight. Stay safe.

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