Situational Amnesia

Situational Amnesia-1Since it was raining outside nearly all night last night, I would say I had a sort of brain numbed day where most of the time I felt like I was in a daze. The worst by-product of a day after a near sleepless night is how I seem to pay special notice of even the most common of movements around me. The bulk of my morning was spent getting the final documents signed and back to my office on a closing that’ll be taking place early next week. After having worked with this extended family over these past months I’ve found them to be the most delightful people. I said to one of them this morning, “You know I’m adoptable.” Usually when there’s money involved with a group of family members, there’s almost always discord. With this family there is absolutely none. I paid the mother a great compliment later today in how she did such a good job of teaching her children the evils of greed. I’m going to miss working with them after it’s closed.

I do hope the Friday Night Live events Downtown are a success tonight. I think this is the last one for the year. I’m glad it finally stopped raining before they started setting up the tents for the Ethnic Food Festival that was going on over the noontime in the Downtown. I’d thought about running down there, but got tied up with the immediate needs of another client. I read just recently that the non-corporate restaurants are falling more into favor this year. It would be great if the trend continues because we have plenty of storefronts in the Historic Downtown to create enough diversity in dining. The one type of business I really wish would locate in the centrum is an honest to goodness, made from scratch bakery. The next one would be a delicatessen which offers the build-your-own type of sandwich. It tires me to always find all the breads either a light whole wheat or the doughy white bread. People really must start developing a taste for breads made from other grains—especially rye. A good rye bread recipe can’t be beat for taste when used for lunchtime sandwiches. We all must continue to have the best of intentions for our upwardly evolving community. As chance would have it, I’m going to be working with yet another person from far out of town who’s serious about moving here. Wish me luck with him next week.

The strangest of things have been happening this past year to where I’m not so sure if it’s something in the air that’s making people forgetful, or if they’re on medications that are interacting in a bad way and affecting their memories, or if they’ve turned into closet recreational drug users. Yours truly has a very good memory, but it’s not stellarly acute to where I remember every word and movement in a situation. With that said, there’ve been more times this past year or so where people have told me, or others, things that took place in the not so distant past that were wrong. I’ve found myself having to stand my ground and argue with them because their recollections were totally up-side down.

Not but a week ago someone confronted me about something that I had supposedly done which was entirely not true. It’s no wonder people built hives of hate for others when finding they’ve created their own truths out of illusions. I’m going to start referring to people like that to be suffering from chronic situational amnesia.  Please don’t forget about my public open houses this weekend. Tomorrow’s, is a rock solid ranch that’s primed to sell, while Sunday’s is an absolutely charming townhouse that offers a gorgeous sun room. Click on the link below to view the listings on them.

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