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Better Thoughts-1One of the highlights of my early morning was having another good conversation with a dear one who is always filled with uplifting words and clever thoughts about life in general. I can’t imagine what our community would be like if there were more people like her. There’d be people singing in the streets, dancing in the meadows, and sharing delightful stories of days gone by. When I arrived back at my office I happened to look out my front window and noticed Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy walking with friends who were likely birds of a feather. Having had conversations, or should I say, confrontations with both of them over the years, I’d say they must consider themselves some sort of forgotten royalty or more likely wannabes. Since they’re about the same age as the dear one I’d spoken to earlier, I began wondering, “What stream of life brought them to such pompousness?” I then quickly reminded myself that people as such shouldn’t even be given such consideration because at their age, no matter what is said to them, they’ll remain just as they are because they are cheerleaders for each other.

I’m sure everyone is taking a deep breath before they have to pay their real estate taxes which are due at the end of this month. I decided not to agonize over them any longer and walked over to the County Treasurer’s Office and paid them. I was surprised to find so few people at the counter. I think most are waiting until the last days in hopes they’ll get a notice in the mail stating they’ve been over-billed. I said to a stone-faced clerk, “Looks like I’m here again to cough up another giant financial fur ball.” Not even a smile at something which I thought would at least be deserving a come-back. Oh well, I’m just glad I don’t have to work with people like that any more than I have to. While walking back to my office I began thinking about an elderly gent who used to be at the old Hy Vee’s coffee shop. One of my relatives and I used to go there nearly every Sunday morning for coffee and there he’d be, wandering from table to table telling jokes and stories to anyone who’d listen. While walking away he’d continue saying, “You gotta have fun. You gotta have fun.” I doubt if he’s still alive, and surely there’s been no one to replace him since we’ve all grown more anti-social when in public places.

After showing one of my listings today, the buyer and I began visiting about how so many people are building monster houses out in the countryside. She said, “When I was growing up we never purchased anything unless we could pay cash, and if it was something really expensive, we’d have a darned good downpayment on it so we could get it paid off before we were old and gray.” Sensing she was blaming the young for this mentality, I interjected and said, “Well, I’ve found these last five years or so more parents pushing their children to buy homes that were almost at the level of their own, which I still believe is wrong. Children should always begin their homeownership with starter homes so they can build equity and move on to the next level.” She agreed saying, “Yes, you’re right and people like us are becoming dinosaurs due to the way we perceive homeownership.” It’s not that I’m looking for those buyers to fail, but rather continue to intentionally have better thoughts that some day they’ll realize a wonderful life is not a material life—especially when we’re up against the ever present planned obsolescence built into nearly everything that’s purchased new.

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