Sad Days Just Happen

Sad Days Just HappenSince we’re approaching the end of another month, the typical busy Monday arrived to where I was catching myself coming and going.  And believe it or not, it’s usually in these times I get invitations for morning coffee or lunch and usually declining due to my appointment schedules.  I had to rain check one today due to my nearing the end of a daunting three month long project which has been consuming all my extra time.  I feel as though yet another burden will soon be lifted off my shoulders.  With the exception of numerous side-tracks and work delays, I’m glad I took the initiative and moved forward with it in spite of a few bittersweet happenings.  In times like these, we more fully know who we can count on to get things done and those we cannot.  The illuminations of the characters of others become more fully revealed.  Like I said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

While at the grocery store this afternoon, I happened to run into a client/customer from years ago.  She is one of the most delightful people who possesses a great ability in lifting another’s spirits just by being the type of person she is.  Even though she’s a number of years older than when I sold a home to her, she still has that youthful radiance, and even though we don’t run into each other maybe once or twice a year, we just pick up where we left off as though those months were only days.  I don’t know if her husband realizes how fortunate he is to have such a delightful person in his life.  I would hate to think he is as many who’ve grown accustomed to the ways of a spouse and expect that all of them are alike.  Oh how I could tell stories about the manipulations between spouses I’ve seen over the years, and most times it gets worse instead of better.

People wonder why children coming out of certain families are so dysfunctional instead of looking at their parents who were supposed to be setting good role models.  There was a family that lived here for a number of years who were about the most dysfunctional I’ve personally known.  The parents were a match made in Hell due to their constant fighting and name calling.  Well, as their children grew older, they began taking on many of their parents traits.  The school system as well as the general public were in a constant state of fear in wondering what they’d be doing next.  Having encountered the parents Downtown a number of years ago with they youngest in their arms, I’ll never forget that toddler reaching silently towards me and saying with his eyes, “Please take me away from my monstrous parents!”  I never did or cared to know what ever happened to them after they left town.

I was called today by a relative of a dear elderly client who passed away several days ago.  After quietly listening to what happened, all I could say was, “I’m so terribly sorry.”  I’ll have to place another call to that relative to share my condolences because I was in near dis-belief in hearing about it all.”  It seems more people of late are dying from pneumonia.  I’m not sure if it’s a more resistant strain that’s taking them down, or if it’s a combination of other minor ailments that weakens the body’s resistance.  What’s scary is that it’s taking people who are relatively young when it comes to age in these times.  I was pretty perky this morning until that phone call and realized sad days just happen.

The above photo is one I took yesterday of an interestingly shaped and colored toadstool. Ya wanna bite?

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