Whispering Needles

Whispering NeedlesAfter yesterday’s disappointments, I was once again re-charged by several conversations I had with a dear client and an exceptionally kind-hearted customer.  The more I get to know this particular customer, the more I believe him to be a kindred spirit.  I shared a little bit of what happened and his only reply was, “Karma always has a way of making things right.”  I was quick to mention that I bear no ill will towards anyone, but rather a great sadness with situations at times which I quickly put behind me.  We did end up on the subject of how some people in our community will have pockets full of coupons expecting to get a few nickels off something they really don’t even need.  The value people place on the dollar over honest business relationships is borderline pathetic.  I just this morning happened to see a nameless couple walking down the sidewalk whom I’ve crossed paths with over the years.  They are the epitome of cheapskates to where no matter what they’re buying or selling, they’re sure make huge un-necessary scenes to where they’ll usually have way.  I stopped doing business with them a number of years ago due to the extended dramas I’d have to endure over some of the most frivolous of matters.  They’re both retired now and living comfortable lives of their own designs.  I’m convinced when they’re both home alone, they spend their evening hours dreaming up confrontational events for the next day.  One element I discovered about their relationship is that when they’re hammering on someone about something, they’re quick to egg each other on to higher levels. When working with them a number of years ago, I began to wonder if they’d come from exceptionally poor families where they were at doorsteps of starvation, but no, they came out of families pretty similar in size and economic levels as most of the rest of their decade. So are we left to believe that by their like-mindedness, they’ve learned to bring out the worst in each other?  Yes, all communities have people like them living within to one extent or another.

This afternoon I had another meeting with a dear client who’s getting his home ready to sell in the near future.  I can’t believe how much he and his wife have thanked me for going out to their home and giving them advice about preparing their home for sale.  His wife said, “You don’t know how much we appreciate it when you come out here.  Your encouragement has helped us to keep working at getting it ready to list.”  The wife walked out with me and before I got in my car I said, “Don’t worry, your home will sell far sooner than you think because of the extra care you’ve shown it making it desirable, and when I get it listed, I’ll be sure to make every effort to market it properly.” The both of them have thus far been real gems to work with.

There’s a tree in our City that I notice on occasion when driving down a particular street.  Every time I see it, brings back ancient memories of my youth. Before the advent of central air, most had to leave their windows open at night to allow their homes to cool down.  Sleeping in a home where there are tall pines close by, you have the most wonderful nighttime experience of listening to the voices of the pines when the wind is blowing.  Sometimes one would be led to believe an ocean was nearby from the sounds being created by the trees.  A chorus of whispering needles would fill the nocturnal air to where you’d fight sleep in fear of missing a grand finale.  The above photo is of a tree that I’m sure has many whispering needles waiting to bend an ear or two.

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