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Thoughts of HerAs we all know, there are those days when you just wanna reel time back to the point of waking and tell yourself, “Some days are going to be difficult and this may be one of them.” I think if one’s more prepared, the shock of some of the happenings aren’t as breathtaking.  Today has been another confirmation of the buying frenzy that has been moving through North Iowa since last November and I still see no market correction in sight.  A tradesperson took me aside today and asked my thoughts on what’s been happening in the real estate market.  I said, “I’ve been selling homes since before many of the trees have arrived, I can say I’ve never seen a market like this–ever.” He seemed concerned by my response so I went on to say, “I’ve been through two nasty market times and those being the savings and loan crisis back in the early 1980’s and then again in the 2007-2008 market crash.  The times leading up to those crashes were similar, but this time around there seems to be no end in sight.”  “So what do you think will happen and do you think it’s going to be worse?” he asked.  “There’s nothing in my past experience that gives me any clue as to the severity of it when it comes.” I said.

The continued spiking up in prices without any small corrections tells me it’s almost like a run away train with its throttle stuck on high and the brakes haven’t got the power to stop it.  I’m sorry to say there’s always an end to a runaway train and it’s almost never pretty.  With that said, that’s all we can do is continue forward with our jobs and try not overextend ourselves with any monetary ventures.  I’ve lost clients and customers these past years just as I have years ago because they expect me to confirm their beliefs in what they should be paying for something as well as what their homes are worth.  I do wish the best for everyone, but I sometimes have to dig my heels in regarding my opinion to where we either move forward in agreement, or one of us walks away.  When I begin remembering the listings I lost because the sellers believed their homes were worth more, months and sometimes years afterwards, their homes end up selling for about the same or less than what I suggested in the first place.  In thinking about them just now, I can’t begin to thank all the loyal and faithful clients and customers I’ve had over the years for listening to me and allowing a win/win situation to take place.

In spite of the two low blows I had today, I was visited upon by several of the most charming people whom I’m sure I’ll be doing some real estate work for in the near future.  In lifting myself up I remembered a showing I had last Friday and the husband teasing me profusely.  Since he works with the general public on a daily basis, I was flattered when he told me that when he and his wife do find a home they like, they’ll be calling me to show it to them.  Yes, there will always be a few unhappy ones, but the bulk of the remainder always gets us through days like today.

August 22nd was my dear grandmother’s birthday.  Even though she’s been gone for a great number of years, I can still see and hear her in my mind.  She was an exceptionally intelligent woman who was born long before her time. My day’s been filled with the kindest thoughts of her.

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