A Lost Hat

A Lost HatThe near reverent silence of the early morning of our Downtown caused me to consider it possibly being an early Sunday until finally a delivery truck came rumbling around the corner heading in my direction.  The noise of the diesel engine and air brakes was certainly enough to awaken all commerce.  I busied myself with doing some sorting, filing, and looking for an item I’d discovered missing.  I’m likely, as most, when it comes to storing something to where you pack it away so well, you forget where you put it.  Whenever something is hidden away in haste is usually when it’s quickly forgotten simply because we had more pressing things on our mind at the time.  The funniest thing about looking for something we’d packed away years before, we end up on a bit of a journey of re-discovery in finding other things that had fallen into near obscurity.  While on my hunt, I just happened to find my work hat which I thought I’d lost and was elated to find it.  I took the time to get it brushed up so to be ready for my outdoor chores.   I purchased that particular hat while vacationing some years ago and became quite fond of wearing it when working outdoors.  These past several years I’d forced myself to wear a baseball hat to help keep the sun out of my eyes, but baseball hats have never been my hat of choice.  I prefer a wider brim that goes all the way round so to provide a more full shading against the sun.  It’s now perched where I’ll certainly see it when the time comes to be back laboring outside.  Speaking of hats, I can’t believe how many men and some women have their baseball hats nearly glued to their heads both indoors and out.  I was at the grocery store several weeks ago and happened to notice a gentleman wearing a baseball hat whom I’d done a great deal of business with a number of years ago, but for some reason he decided to work with another agent.  I think part of his problem was because I chided him for not letting me know he did get the job which required the submission of a resume.  Yours truly spent a great deal of time helping him with it and to not get even a “thank you” for it, was worthy of him being reprimanded.  I said to him, “What did you think, I was going to ask you to pay me for helping you, or that you’d be forever indebted to me?”  The flimsy answer I got made it all the worse by him saying, “I thought I told you.”  Well, when seeing him that day at the grocery store with a baseball hat glued to his head in such a fashion confirmed my belief he must have lost most of his golden fleese.  I’ve seen him about a half dozen times out and about our City and always wearing a baseball hat.  He’s still working at the same “resume requiring” place and possibly wearing his baseball hat when he’s inside.  I’m glad for he and his wife’s success and will continue to wish them well in their endeavors.  As a footnote, I just happened to run into his wife some months ago after not seeing her for at least fifteen years.  I almost didn’t recognize her because of the amount of weight she’d gained.  I didn’t say a thing about her size, but I think she was a little perturbed that I didn’t immediately recognize her.  Sometimes we find ourselves innocently stepping on a land mine when encountering people out of our past.  So here I sit with a whole page of words centered around a lost hat, baseball hats, a resume, and an angered wife.  All of this being triggered by my diggings for a lost something.  And yes, I found it.

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