Empowering Its Beauty

Empowering Its BeautyUnfortunately the heat and humidity was on the rise today to where being outside for very long became uncomfortable.  I was talking to a client yesterday about the crabgrass growing so fast you can almost see it.  Her comeback was, “No, it’s growing so fast you can hear it.”  And then she started making this off world high pitched sound.  I did get a good laugh out of her comment.  In spite of the humidity, I managed to have several good showings today and I hope at least one of them will make an offer.

Every time I happen to look at the Sheriff sales posted online, I continue to wonder when they’re going to stop.  I would have thought the 2008 financial crisis is far enough behind us to where those toxic mortgages have all been foreclosed and sold off, yet they continue.  We don’t need anymore rickety rentals owned by people who have more than they’ll ever be able to appropriately manage, and yet they still continue on with their buying frenzies.  Some day it when it’s too late, it’ll hit them when realizing possessions don’t extend one’s life expectancy.   I knew an old codger for a number of years who was a hoarder of money along with his material accumulation, and when on his deathbed fought desperately to stay alive.  The angel of death had to wait a few more days than normal, but he was finally pulled over to the other side.  He’d roll over in his grave if he knew what discord his material wealth caused with his beneficiaries who hovered over him like smiling angels when dying, but not long afterwards, their true greedy faces began to appear.  Some like to say they made their money the old fashioned way through inheritance, but once the taste of greed hits, enough is never enough.  I believe some of the elderly actually set their children up through their legacies to be just like they were—greedy and controlling.  They not only genetically reproduced, but also created another mental generation of themselves.  It’s sad but true and it happens more than people want to admit.  Yesterday I just happened to drive past a farm owned by the son of an old man who I was familiar with during his working years, and I can assure you his son has stepped right into the shoes of his father.  He was one who believed he not only wanted to have more money in his pocket, but also the money everyone else had in theirs.  My parents did business with him once and that was the end of that short business relationship.  I’d rather do business with those in need instead of in greed.

Since I was out and about more in the residential areas today, I couldn’t help but notice several exceptionally handsome flower and vegetable gardens. It has been said for years that a well landscaped yard along with gardens being well managed do add value to a home.  When looking at a home through the eyes of a buyer, I would certainly agree. There’s something that moves through us when looking at a landscape’s beauty.  I’m not so sure if it awakens some sort of primeval desire to become a part of it through ownership.  There’ve been times when I’ve strolled through someone’s landscaped areas and noticed how the beauty of it all was so great, it seemed to glow.  It makes one almost think that by just admiring a blooming flower we’re empowering its beauty.

I thought it appropriate to share one of today’s beauty as tonight’s photo.  Quite handsome don’t you think?

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