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Just a WhisperWith having a relatively free morning, I spent some time doing some running of necessary errands along with reviewing and signing several contracts.  Since I was out and about more than normal, I was paying more attention to some of the improvements taking place in the Downtown.  One that’ll certainly make an attractive difference is the installation of our new street lights.  The ugly old green ones have not only worn out, but uglied out.  The next thing I hope is on the work agenda is getting the traffic lights cleaned up and re-painted.  Yes, the Historic district is becoming more handsome each year.  I’m looking forward to seeing the restoration of the Lampnier Building which the architects Bergland and Cram purchased not long ago.  It’s all the more encouraging to find businesses choosing to locate in the city center.   I look for the day when driving to the office in the early morning and find filled storefronts and busy merchants getting their shops readied for another busy day for shoppers.  And then all those naysayers who bashed the Downtown’s redevelopment will be able to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others.  Which reminds me now of a conversation I had today with a colleague.  I found out not long ago an ex-customer having sold his home and purchased another without even giving me a call.  The most disturbing for me was all the extra work I did for him long before he’d even purchased his first home.  I shook my finger and said, “Just remember, no good deed will ever go unpunished.”  Because of the insult to bone by that clever monkey, “I’m going to do something freely and selflessly for another before the end of this month, and they won’t even know it was me.  That’s just the way to do it; Pay it forward to a perfect stranger so to keep the universe in balance. I did also say, “The unfortunate thing for that person is that I forgive, but rarely ever forget.  So when the tables start to turn, I’ll be remembering.”

In noticing the little sweet corn stands around town today with fresh sweet corn being offered from one of our local growers, Mr. Johanns, I stopped and purchased a fresh bag of over a dozen.  Their sweet corn is good and I’m glad to support along with all the  other local growers.  The young gentleman who was at the stand I stopped at was playing a guitar.  I told him how many I wanted and while watching him quickly fill the bag, I asked,  “How’s the strummin?”  “It’s getting better.” he sheepishly replied. Before I drove off I said, “Just keep on a strummin because practice is the key to greatness.”  We must all give our youth who’re trying to cultivate whatever gifts they have, as much honest encouragement as possible.  If he were playing with his smartphone I would’ve considered him yet another one of millions who’s waste his youth on such follies.

One of my appointments tomorrow morning will be taking me out to the owner of 1057 Park Lane here in Mason City where there’ll be another price reduction later entered. I’m perplexed as to why that solid ranch home has yet to be sold, yet convinced it’s another one of those listings I’ve had over the years that picks it’s buyer. I’ll be waiting for just a whisper from it to the next lookers saying, “I choose you, so buy me.”

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