Cloistered Life

Cloistered Life-1Happenings upon happenings took place today so much that I’m finding it hard remembering where they began and ended.  I not so sure if it’s because I changed my daily regimen a bit to compensate for added duties that were placed on my shoulders.  For whatever reason, I found myself on the phone earlier this morning with a dear client/customer from out East speaking about a likely unbearable childhood she had in dealing with a control freak older sister and an undermining younger.  So we really think we had a bad childhood?  The most curious thing about hearing her words was remembering other families who’ve had similar sibling relationships.  I’m not so sure if there’s a pecking order that goes on with the humans as well.  While she was being so verbally clear in her accounts of some of those happenings, I could almost see myself standing invisibly there as a by-stander.  Yes, nearly all families that contain more than two children are more likely funked up.  But then comes the even more funked up families who have his kids, her kids, and their kids.  You can be certain everyone of that bunch is waiting to see which one of the parents die first in order to have control over the remaining parent and assets possessed.  Not so many years ago someone from a similarly fractured family came to me to notarize a document.  Most who notarize don’t read documents but know when placing their stamp what it’s all about.  That particular notary was regarding a life insurance policy that was likely left to the child who was the winner because his parent lived the longest.  I always wonder why naughty monkey children do the things they do for just one more nose ahead of their siblings.  Who really determines how much is owed children?  According to the laws of our State, when there is a bona-fide will in place, blood relatives, with the exception of a spouse can be completely and totally excluded from an inheritance—they have not rights.

Another most memorable experience was speaking to a clerk at a company about a budding business that I’ll be praying that’ll continue to grow bigger and better.  I shared my visual memories with him when I was young and helping my mother with all the orders that had to be filled from customers wanting all natural vegetables and poultry. It was very hard work but I believe them to be the most memorable and endearing years of my life.  I’ll never forget my mother freely giving an extra few more tomatoes or onions to buyers that were more in need than we.

I was taken so far back in time today with a customer who’s been familiar with my family since I was very young.  His recollection of past experiences regarding my family when we moved here was quiet jaw dropping.  He said, “I distinctly remember when your family moved to Mason City and what a sniveling snot you were, but your older sisters were the ones I always wanted to notice me.”  I smiled and said, “Most people don’t even realize I graduated from High School here because my Mother gave us a choice after the eighth grade to either go to the Public School for free or work all Summer for others to pay for our tuition at the Catholic School.  The reason most don’t know that I’m a native is because I was one of the few who chose to continue on with my education at the Catholic High School.”  To this day I’m exceptionally thankful for my young yet endearing cloistered life.

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