It had Nothing to do with Avoirdupois

It had Nothing to do with AvoirdupoisToday was my day of sorts in more ways than one.  Knowing I wasn’t going to be seeing clients or customers, I donned my work clothes and off to the office I went. It was the day I decided before retiring for the evening last night that it would be one for clearing away and sorting out things I’d been hanging on to for whatever reason other than thinking someday I’d put them to good use or it to someone in need.  Well, that didn’t happen so the time of sorting out the junk from that which I know can be used in the future by me or someone else.  I didn’t realize how immersed I was in the whole business until I looked at the clock. There were three hours that simply flew by and I still had more to do.  There were several items which I knew I’d never use but were curiously interesting enough that I thought it best to give them to someone.  As chance would have it, while I was out the back my office I happened to run into one of the tenants living next door.  I first showed them to her and then went on to explain how they were made.  She was quite taken by the amount of work and creativity that went into making them.  Since she’s quite the particular person regarding design and appeal, I’m glad she decided to take them and likely place them somewhere in her apartment as conversation pieces.  I think there are reasons people just happen to appear at a certain time and place for another to either say something memorable or be given something which will create good and lasting memories for others going forward in time.  Today there was an appreciative someone who arrived just in time to be gifted. I found something else that I set aside for an elderly gentleman who’ll certainly be glad to get what I’m going to give him.  For some reason, I know he’ll like it.

After deciding I’d done enough sorting for one day, I thought it best to get out my hand dandelion digger and dig out some annoying weeds that are rapidly spreading and beginning to go to seed.  Since I hadn’t used it for a few years, I had to take a fine file and sharpen the end of it so it would more freely cut the roots of them.  Of course I couldn’t just dig a few and let it go, I was out there for yet another hour digging as many as I could find.  I absolutely must remember to bring my hat to the office whenever deciding to do outside work.  The temperatures were rising quickly as the sun grew higher in the sky so I decided I’d done enough outside for one day without my hat.  Sunburn is not one of my favorite side effects from being outside too long.

After more hours of cleaning, organizing and putzing about, I decided it was time to call it quits for a day.  I was pleased with myself for following thru with my inspiration to do some sorting.  Thinking about what food was available at home, I decided to run to the store to pick up a chicken along with a few other things.  I’d noticed their natural chicken was on sale so instead of buying one, I decided on two and the other would go in the freezer for another day.  When I went thru the checkout, I noticed one of the chickens rang up at the old and higher price.  Oh Mercy!  What an ordeal it was to explain to the clerk that it wasn’t about the chicken weighing more, it was the price per pound that was wrong.  I know I wasn’t the nicest after having to explain more than once it wasn’t the chicken being heavier, but rather the scanner having read an incorrect price per pound on the bar code.  After having to explain for the third time to an assistant manager it had nothing to do with the avoirdupois, but rather the price per pound being wrong, I was grew certain the people standing behind me waiting to be checked out considered me a grump. But really, shouldn’t we all be more careful to watch what the scanners are registering when at the store?  If I’d not caught that error, I would have paid about four dollars more for that chicken.  It’s not so much the money, but knowing something was priced wrong and likely others were unknowingly getting over-charged.  Perhaps if everyone would be a bit more careful, the corporations would be more diligent in making sure items are priced and coded properly.  How funny to think of modern day posses of men and women randomly checking bar codes at stores to ensure items are correctly priced for the innocent buying public. Since it feels a bit “tropical” here in North Iowa, I thought I’d share the above photo I took of an art deco print.

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