Doubling Up

Doubling UpHaving not spoken for some time with a dear friend who lives out of State, I decided to call him early this morning since I’d arrived early enough to get my morning duties finished sooner than normal.  Fortunately I managed to catch him before he got busy with his own job which gave us time to play catch-up with things that’ve been happening in our lives since our last chat.  For me, he’s one who if I haven’t spoken with in a very long time, I can simply pick up where we left off as if we’d spoken just days ago.  After hanging up and thinking about what had crossed my mind while on the phone, I realized how many of us don’t realize ourselves being taken back to other times and places when hearing someone from our past speaking.  Since he knew it was me calling, he answered in the same fashion he did so many years ago which immediately invoked laughter.  Expanding on my thoughts about hearing someone’s voice from the past, I can certainly say there are those I enjoy hearing, while others trigger bad memories filled with dark cobwebs. Fortunately there are very few who cause me to bristle when hearing their voices over the phone.  There’s one in particular, of those many thousands of voices in my audio storage which I can barely endure hearing, and what few recent times I’ve had to endure listening, I feel blessed by being able to close the conversation as quickly as possible.  I think everyone should play a game with themselves to where they make mental notes of how they’re internally reacting to voices from their past they like to hear, and those they don’t.  I believe the outcomes will bring tears to some.

Oh Mercy!  I sure got a few good belly laughs today when visiting with a prospective buyer.  One of her criteria is to have two bathrooms even though it’s just her and her husband.  I couldn’t help but say, “Why is it everyone wants two bathrooms in these times? Back when I was young and surrounded by a gaggle of siblings, we had only one bathroom and we survived.”  She then said, “But what if you have to go really bad and someone else is using the water closet?”  “Well” I replied, “When on the farm we always had the option to go and find some private place to do our duty.”  “But we’re not on the farm and I’m not going to be running out looking for a port-a-potty!”  After my laughing subsided, I was hit with an inspiration.  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to where I finally said, “I’ve got it!  Any of the general public thinking they can’t livewith one bathroom really can as long as they have two water closets installed. It may take a little remodeling, but it’ll work.  Just envision a bathroom large enough for double vanities and double toilets that are private enough to where those half walls of separation would give just the amount of privacy for wiping and pulling up  undies.”

The belly laughs started again.  “But really.” I said. “The more I think about it the more it makes sense—especially when there are just two living in the same house.  Even if you’re of the opposite sex, it wouldn’t matter because of those half walls, but keep in mind, no mirrors can had in that area.”  I think the both of us really “got it” the more we talked about it.  Just imagine two people sharing the same bath and being responsible for their own water closets and sinks. How many marriages would’ve been saved if such bath configurations existed?   Designated toilets and sinks in one bathroom creates not only responsibility, but also accountability.  Now here you have my justifiable reasoning for doubling up in one bath instead of wasting resources to create two. I do believe we’ll be seeing them on a future HDTV program.

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