Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton Candy CloudsOne of my visiting relatives and I had a most delightful early breakfast at the 1910 Grille located in the Historic Park Inn this morning.  Since I’d been so busy with work, I felt a bit guilty in not spending more family time, so decided to do a breakfast date to make up for my shortfalls.  We were the first to arrive at around 7:00 am and had more than enough time to have a good chat and enjoy our breakfast.  At times I’m one of the fussiest when it comes to eating something which I know I’ve had better.  I ordered Lox and a bagel which was Ok enough, but being very particular about salmon, I’d say it was nothing more than the quality of the salmon that made my order just that—an order.  There’s normal salmon, good salmon, and stellar salmon.  Most can’t taste the difference, but I can with a vengeance.   Other than that, we had a great time and I’ll be sure to make a point to go there more often. By the way, the wait staff were more than accommodating which I believe is crucial when expecting a memorable dining experience.

I’m glad I had a filling breakfast because after my relative went driving off, I headed back to the office for an appointment with a customer.  After getting my customer taken care of, I changed my clothes and went off on my journey of jobs for the day.  Since I’m attempting to get a home prepped to go on the market soon, I spent several hours cleaning flower beds, washing windows, and later standing on the top rung of a step ladder cleaning out two long runs of gutters.  I kept saying to myself, “Mr. Chodur, I you fall off this ladder, you’re really going to be in big trouble!”  I’m sure those passersby must of thought me insane for standing on the top which everyone knows is never advisable.  Thank goodness I got the job done without falling.  I finally had to stop being a bit of a maniac about the flowerbed weeds.  Anyone at a glance would’ve thought they couldn’t have looked better.

It’s funny when we get started doing something, the chores manage to evolve into something more.  Knowing my day was free of real estate, I raised the bar on other more difficult things in need of attention.  I knew I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help myself when pulling at a corner of a worn out carpet and finding hardwood floors underneath a room that never should’ve been carpeted in the first place.  About two hours later, the carpet and pad was up with the wood floors exposed.  I was fully reminded how smelly old carpet and pad can be when tearing it out.  Since I’m allergic to carpet mite feces, I had enough tissues available to keep my runny nose under control.

At around 4:00 pm I was wondering why I felt so worn out.  It didn’t take but a moment to remember how much real physical work I’d done since I started this morning so I decided it was enough for one day. Certainly not being wimpy about it, I just have to realize I don’t normally do so many physically taxing things on a daily basis and regulate myself accordingly.

The highlight of my day was being able to spend some time outdoors and absorb all the natural beauty surrounding us.  It’s no wonder I noticed so many pedestrians out and about today.  It was a beautiful Sunday and I’m happy to share the above photo which I took because it looked so much like one of those cotton candy clouds which always invoke those smiling thoughts.

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