HappenstanceAfter visiting with one of my clients today about business as well as inter-personal relationships, I’ve come to realize there are a few others who really “get it” regarding the life streams of those around us. When making more than a few comparisons of places and situations that have taken place over the years, we both agreed that the same old acts are played out in our society to where the peoples names are different, their ages not the same, and sometimes their sexes are different, but they’re creepily more similar than we want to admit.  She mentioned how one of her clients reminds her of a blood relative of that client with whom she also had a business relationship a number of years ago.  She went on to say, “It was almost as though her aunt’s spirit somehow entered her to where she’s re-enacting her aunt’s life of some 30 years before.  I said, “That’s funny because

I’ve noticed that same noticeable thread within other family clusters with whom I’ve done business.  The old saying, “Son like father and daughter like mother” is out the window as far as we were concerned.  It can jump in a wider circle and even move so of being different sexes.  I’ve seen nieces like uncles, sons like mothers, daughters like fathers, nephews like aunts, grandsons like grandmothers, and the list goes on.  I was told more than once by my mother and grandmother when in my twenties that my personality and even sometimes my facial expressions were very much like my now deceased aunt.  Long after they stopped saying it, I realized I must’ve come into my own and never being reminded of anyone else again.  She also went on to tell how some of her clients are always in a state of some sort of peril.  I replied, “Ditto”.  The world is full of victims who generate attention by saying, “Look at me and the cross I must bear!”  There are also those who always must have attention to where if they’re not the center in a good way, they’ll look to create it in a bad.  Oh, and of course we both agreed on the conspiracy theorist out there who seem to be able to dream up the most bizarre situations they’ve uncovered and are going to make sure they’ll be exposed.  Really?  I think those people have to get out more and see what’s really happening.  My client brought up one more group which I believed a dead ringer personality type whom I’ve worked with from time to time. They are those questioners amongst us who in a distrustful way, question every normal transaction or situation.  I couldn’t help but say, “Exceptionally distrustful people are the ones I’m all the more careful not to ever fully trust because they themselves must’ve committed such acts themselves.  I know this conversation with my client may appear to’ve been quite serious, but in fact, we really did get some good belly laughs out of it. We both felt relieved that it’s happening all over the world.

As far as my day in real estate is concerned, the public open house this afternoon at 111 S. Indiana was a great success and I’m confident it will be sold soon. The feedback from the buyers were all good.   I had a creepy yet delightful happening today to where when driving away from a home, a customer’s name popped into my mind as being the perfect fit.  I pulled to the curb so to make a call to him.  When he answered, I told him all about it and not to my surprise he asked to see it later.  Well, later arrived and he liked it to the point of me thinking, “How were you so sure he’d like this one after showing him such a wide variety of others?” It was quite the interesting happenstance.

Joe Chodur

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