Our Trumpeter on her Nest

Our Trumpeter on her NestAs the sun slowly drops in the horizon, I must say today was yet another one filled with endless phone calls and appointments.  I’m in a bit of wonder where this first half of the week went.  Oh well, I’m just glad to be busy with listings and sales in our Spring market of 2016.  I’ll be listing one possibly two properties during these next days and hopefully they’ll sell as quickly as the other most recent ones have.  I’m glad most of the sellers listen to what I tell them about pricing and things to do before they go on the market.  As I’ve said numerous times, many people, especially the younger and older do not like to purchase something that needs work.  They either don’t have the time, money or knowhow to make those changes, or as with the elderly, don’t trust the workmanship and pricing of tradespeople.  It’s unfortunate but true about the elderly.  I heard from a tradesman last week about another tradesperson who makes a point of greatly overcharging his elderly clients simply because he knows they have the money and don’t have a clue about the real value of his goods and services provided.  If there’s one thing I absolutely despise, is hearing of people preying on our overly trusting elderly.

I don’t wish ill on anyone, but I do hope that some day they’ll pay for the wrongs they’ve committed against our seniors. With that said, It’s no wonder many of those with more than enough money to make upgrades in their homes and don’t simply because of the horror stories they’ve heard from their friends over morning coffees.

I personally know of two elderly women who’ve basically barricaded themselves in their homes with drapes always drawn and shades pulled due to their paranoia over intruders and blood sucking tradespeople. Their homes are now slowly falling into great states of disrepair.  I’ve mentioned more than once to them over the years about making needed repairs and that’s all I get is either an absolute denial of their homes needing attention, or a deer in the headlights look and a quick change of the subjects in order to bypass a truth that has been lingering for decades.  It’s sad but true.   I’m just glad I won’t have to be the one to deal with their affairs after they’ve passed.  Maintenance problems with homes don’t ever go away—they just get bigger.

I was reminded today while working at my daunting part-time job of cataloging ancient family photos, letters, drawings, and everything else that my dearly departed mother was saving for posterity.  Today I read a hand written account of life back in the 1890’s and found myself being taken back to that place and time.  After seeing a more clear photo of my mother’s grandmother and reading about her ways today, I know now why my Mother at times would say in such a stern fashion how much I reminded her of my great-grandmother.  So, if Morphic Resonance can be proven, I’ll be considered a male copy of my great-grandmother.  Looking more closely at her photo, I even hold my hands in the same fashion.  I thought that to be a bit too scary.

As chance would have it, I got a call today to show my listing in Fertile this evening to a most delightful young couple.  I grabbed my camera when leaving the office and made a point to leave early enough to get a photo of a Trumpeter Swan on her nest just off B20.  Her head was down due to the rain, but you can still see our Trumpeter on her nest.

Joe Chodur

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