Our Peaceable Kingdom

Our Peaceable KingdomIt’s absolutely amazing how quickly a day can fly by when playing catch up with things  that have been pushed aside due to other more important chores at hand. In thinking I wouldn’t have to travel back up to Forest City today, I found myself making a return trip  with some necessary documents in need of being delivered to the listing agent of the home I sold to my customer.  I’ve noticed the little nuances of differences in how agents from other cities and towns in our State do business.  This morning I couldn’t help but remind another broker how much I become irritated by some of the things other agents do that are wrong, and even when I scold them for it, they continue to do it in a fashion as if they were being cavalier or not listening to me.  For most anyone it would become exceptionally irritating when finding it being done over and over again.  I’m all for learning from mistakes along with helping others to keep from making them, but after a while I remain silent and leave them to learn in time from their own failures.  As long as they’re not having an adverse effect on either my clients or customers well being, I give them all the rope they need.  The learning curve sometimes takes a few hard knocks before correct ways of doing business finally sinks in.

While driving up to Forest City on the back blacktops, I was paying keen attention to the landscapes.  Since being pretty much of a city dweller most of the time, I find it quite the treat to get some really good looks.  As I was driving through the marshy area of B20, I noticed in the distance a very large white bird that looked like a goose.  Having recently read about the return of the Trumpeter Swans to our area, I’m convinced it was a hen sitting on her nest out in that marshy area belonging to our State.  I was shocked to read how large they get.  Their wing span can be up to 10 ft. or more and their weight can easily exceed 20 lbs.  Now that’s one big bird of flight.  If any of you happen to be driving west on B20 well past the Interstate, be sure to look to the north in those marshy areas and you’ll see it.  I really wish I had my camera with me because I would’ve stopped to take a few shots.

While on my way back out of Forest City on B14, I noticed at least 15 wild turkeys pecking about in a recently planted field foraging for whatever was edible.  Since they’re omnivores, they could’ve been eating insects, seeds, grasses, and possibly worms. They were more focused on eating and certainly oblivious to the traffic on the road below.   As I was getting closer to Mason City, I noticed someone had hit a hen turkey with their vehicle and there it lay, lifeless at the side of the road.  I noticed a dead adult duck on the street of our Downtown several days ago.  I really can’t understand why someone would do that and I’ll remain hopeful it was an accident.  There are others in the wild kingdom in and around Mason City of which I’ll keep nameless and say “I don’t feel a bit bad when I see another one of their populations being one less.”

As far as I’m concerned, Nature must remain in its delicate balance, and if it doesn’t, there’ll become a rippling effect on the populations of those many other innocent creatures of our wild. We must strive at keeping in balance the subtle inter-connectedness of our peaceable kingdom.

Joe Chodur

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