Nobody Rides the Bus For Free

Nobody Rides the Bus For FreeFor some great and wonderful reason, good things seem to be pushing aside all the darkness that’s been lingering over North Iowa.  Perhaps the pushing forward of those few who’ve stood their ground and said, “No more.” has finally started saturating the populous.  Many of us are long tired of those who’re waiting for the Gods to drop out of the clouds and fix everything that’s wrong with our City.  Having had a good and wonderful chat with one of the powers that be here about some of the nation-wide statistics regarding the elderly, we’ve finally confirmed what I’ve known for a very long time. Up and away is the only way so many of those who have any tie to the Midwest can keep themselves from either going into an assisted living environment and have no contact with the outside world, or move somewhere where there’s no beltways, freeways, and long lines of waiting for everything behind those “X’ generationals of our population who consider anything from the past to be worthy of nothing but the local dumpsters.  I almost cried today over the personalities being thrown into an ordered dumpster by an “X Generational” who had absolutely no time for anything belonging to a family member who recently died.  I only wish that person would’ve never said anything to me about those goings-on because I respected and learned from that man and his beliefs during the long years I’d known him.

I’ve decided North Iowa truly is on the brink of a “never going back” from being considered a blemish on our map before one would enter the People’s Republic of Minnesota, to becoming again the brilliant jewel in the crown of North Iowa.  For some reason while driving around our City today, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that change is, and will be in our winds soon.   One the flip side of good there is always evil.  There will be those who’ll want all their long term money making schemes in providing Government assisted housing to remain in place, and that will be the thorn in the side of progress within and about our Historic Downtown and surrounding areas.  I’ve known for a very long time how there’ll be be a comeuppance either sooner or later with those who’ve ridden the horse of “free money” from the Federal Government compliments of the housing vouchers.  Every human being deserves safe, sound, and secure housing, but if it is being used in a dark and abusive manner, then those involved will have a price to pay.  I can see in our future retired people coming from all over the our country to live here for multiple reasons.  If I were giving an out-of-State baby-boomer the nickel tour around Mason City and North Iowa, I would say, “We’re up and away from nearly all the hustle and bustle from all the freeway traffic jams and those in your face salespeople trying to sell you something of which you have no interest.

My final remark for the day is what someone said to me today and rang true. and it was, “Nobody rides the bus for free.”  Knowing how many freebies people expect for the simple reason “Just because I deserve it.”  It really is time to make great change.

Joe Chodur

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