Be Not Ever Ashamed of Your Craft!

Be Not Ever Ashamed of Your CraftToday was one of those Sundays that seemed to move along far more quickly than normally.  Certainly the reason was my being exceptionally busy with clients/customers, along with my public open house at 1008 – 15th St. NE and having visitors nearly the entire time.  Now that the snow’s gone, people have been getting a much better impression of the landscaping and pool area in its rear yard.  I also finished up on the negotiation of a sale of yet one more of Holtz Realty’s listings.  There’s no question in my mind those buyers will be exceptionally happy with the home once they’ve made their planned updates.  It will not surprise me in the least if our market continues to remain active in the near future.  I’m only hoping there doesn’t begin a buying frenzy to where there’ll be buyers later on wishing they’d not gone so high in the amounts they paid.  I’m still a bit uneasy in seeing some of the younger buyers paying prices in the $200K+ range.  Unless both have good and stable jobs, there’ll always be that possibility of a great struggle should one of them loose their jobs.  Someone mentioned a short time ago how it can be a challenge at times working with the Millenials.  What I remember reading about many of them, is that they possess more traits of confidence and tolerance, but on a darker side they exhibit forms of entitlement and narcissism.   Of course the narcissism as far as I’m concerned is admired as well as encouraged in the corporate world.  It gives a narcissist more license to be more competitive in a not so pleasing fashion.  When I worked in the banking industry, one of my underlings was a dyed in the wool narcissist.  I treated him as fairly as I could along with the others, but I was far more resolute in not allowing him to undermine me or the status quo of our department.

He was quite intelligent and very quick to have it be known to all to the point his co-workers were soon bowing to his little whims.  He challenged me but once and likely to this day he still remembers his great embarrassment in front of everyone watching.  Making a long story short, he couldn’t solve an accounting problem and swore there was no one who could fix it because it was one of those rare grandaddy problems one so rarely encountered.  Well, yours truly solved in quickly and quietly without any hoopla.  I think my cool demeanor in getting it solved and just moving on made him all the more angry because every time he’d perform some great challenging task, he’d gloat over it in front of those with lesser abilities.  It wasn’t what I said to him after it was all over, but rather what I didn’t say to where the others finally “got it”.  They, along with him were placed back on track in getting our work done without there being some clever monkey gloating about himself.  After that episode I never had another problem with him during the remaining years of his employment.  I found out later he worked his way quite high in the corporate world and retired early.  I’m sure he pulled out all the stops to get to the top irregardless of those whom he stepped over and likely upon.  I’ll not mention the name of the corporation but I know of another who’s working his way to the top with like traits of character within the same.  Over the years I’ve mentioned an old German proverb regarding how we shouldn’t ever be ashamed of our profession as long as we do our absolute best. The proverb goes: Be not ever ashamed of your craft!

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