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It looks like we are going to be on a virgin voyage in regards to what the Spring and Summer months are going to be like since our soil didn’t freeze hard this winter and now exceptionally warm days have arrived.  I mentioned this fact to someone today and she said, “I guess we can only wait and see because we’ll certainly not be able to do anything about it.”  Of course she was right, but I’m still a bit nervous in not having any similar years to compare it with.

One of my recent sales hit a few bumps in the road and luckily we were able to get it back on track on its final journey to the closing table.  One thing I’ve always found quite annoying is how there can be disinterested parties involved in transactions who can somehow have effects on those involved by simply making groundless comments when looking in from outside the circle.  I’m finding more people of late attempting to justify their limited knowledge on subjects who’ve not even scratched those surfaces of understanding.  I was sharing a few similar thoughts today with a young professional of our community who’s one I’ve determined to be an “old soul”.  For his youthful age, he really does “get” much of the interacting dramas of our world to where I’m actually finding it refreshing each time we happen to cross paths.  He’s one you’d likely pass on the street and consider just another average “Joe” but once you get to know him, you’d consider him to be quite the up and coming asset to our community.  What I like about him most is his understanding and acceptance of what I used to consider the seven faces of mankind.  I coined that phrase a number of years ago when finding many similarities of an old movie that came out back in the early 1960’s while working with the general public on a daily basis.  Back in those days I used to tell people how I’ve come to fully understand and accept the existence of the seven faces of mankind.  Of course because of that movie’s popularity at the time, many knew what I was referring to.  With that said, if anyone would like to watch a popular old flick from the 1960’s and it add to their memory banks, I’d certainly recommend finding it and look for those comparisons in our world of today.  It’s called, “The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao” and as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth anyone’s precious free time spent in watching it.

One late evening about a week ago while minding my own business at the check-out of one of our grocery stores, I found myself standing behind several likely friends or relatives who were making double purchases.  Double purchases are when people have their carts full of groceries, but perhaps buying for others because they do a separations with their purchases.  This was taking place with the both of them which caused me to be all more attentive to what they were doing rather than minding my own business.  When the first was finished, the next one started with her similar double purchase.  She had a toddler in the cart who was making the transaction all the more difficult by reaching for everything in sight and almost falling out of the cart.  Now with my being fully engaged in the wholeness of the scene, the woman reached down past her neckline and pulled out a billfold similar to one pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  I was taken quite aback by it and began remembering how my grandmother who had a classic “Mae West” bust used to place her handkerchief down her brassiere.  By the way, in those days it was quite socially acceptable to reach down there for something to wipe a tear or runny nose.  But to see a woman storing an extra large billfold far down into her terra incognita was quite the shocker.  Since she was making another double purchase, I saw it happen twice.  Her performance in that transaction was so streamlined, I was fully convinced her overly large brassiere was her very own personal high pocket.  If only my dear grandmother was alive to see that sight, I’m certain her candid remarks would have been well laughed at and most certainly remembered.

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