Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016I hope everyone continues to believe Spring is just around the corner while enduring another snowstorm in our area.  After having shoveled early this morning, I wasn’t very happy to find it starting to snow again just after I finished all I needed to get shoveled.  I guess the weather forecast wasn’t so correct when they said several days ago our snow was to end early this morning.  Oh well, it’s here and we just have to deal with it.

My biggest concern of the day was my fear that no one would show up at my public open house at 216 Meadow Lane this afternoon.  After I closed up almost a half hour later than normal, I was glad there was a steady flow of people as well as the more than casual interest being shown.  One of the lookers said, “I really like the floor plan but I just don’t like all the paper and some of the updates needed.”  I smiled and said, “I wish I had a dollar for every square foot of wallpaper I’ve removed and happy for it, but you as well as I know, the views offered with this home are nearly irreplaceable.”  She did finally agree and went back to get another good look.  While I was looking out the window at the lagoon, I happened to notice movement in one of the trees and when I focused, I was shocked to see a robin perched on a branch eating small dried berries.

I called several of the people looking at the home and said, “It’s amazing to find a robin here in Mason City on the 14th of February!” They both got a good look at it before it flew away.  I said, “It must be a good omen for this home to have a robin perched in a tree just outside the back door.”  We usually never see robins until the latter part of March.  I know global warming is having an effect on nature, but to see one a month early is quite remarkable.  After hearing all the positive comments about the home from potential buyers today, I’m confident it will sell in a relatively short period of time.  I made sure to point out all the extras the being offered, and I couldn’t stress enough its prime waterfront location.

I got a good laugh out of a clerk at the grocery store today.  Since I had a stop to make for myself, I called one of my dear elderly friends and asked if he needed anything.  He hesitantly asked if I could pick up a package of toilet tissue for him since he was down to his last roll.  I told him I’d be glad to do it since I was already there.  As I mentioned before, Sundays seem to be the shopping days for our society and what I found there was no exception.  When the clerk was ringing me up she said, “Do you want me to put the toilet paper in a bag?”  I said, “Absolutely.  I’ll not have people looking to see what brand of toilet tissue I’m buying.”  She really got a good laugh out of it and said, “Yeah, some people can find the stupidest things to talk about.”  While driving away, I considered how much we’ve become “idiocricisized” by how we dress and speak in public.  I can remember not so many years ago when it was simply not proper for businessmen to be wearing short-sleeved shirts while working—too suggestive.  And for women to be wearing jeans was also a taboo.  Even the pantsuits when it vogue would raise a few eyebrows.  Yes, times have changed to where some actually want to appear as haggard as possible.  I still can’t mentally digest the idea of having the bottoms of slacks or jeans dragging on the ground.  All I can say is, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Joe Chodur

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