Second Wind

Second WindSlipping and sliding on the slushy streets must have been interesting for some who were out and about early this afternoon.  I normally wear my rubber soled slip-ons when it’s like this but had to change into my regular dress shoes due to a more formal afternoon appointment.  After getting my leather shoes wet, I’m certainly going into high gear in search for a new pair of rubbers.  It wasn’t the most pleasing of news to hear we’re going to be getting another snow storm starting tomorrow afternoon.  At least they’re not predicting any more than two inches which will be a welcome reprieve from what we’ve already received.  I also understand the wind is supposed to pick up and possibly cause blizzard conditions which I’m in hopes everyone will remain safe while traveling.

There wasn’t as much activity in real estate today which tells me many must have been still busy playing catch-up from a lost day or two from that heavy snow.  Most of my free time today was filled with my own getting caught up on mundane chores.  Unfortunately April 15th will be here sooner than we think so I figured it’s time to get cracking at preparing mine ready for the accountant.  While sorting out some bills I thought, “It seems not that many months ago I was at this, and here I am again.”  I do wish all Americans were given a choice to where our taxes are spent.  Some of the spending I see taking place is certainly not of my liking.  Perhaps there would be happier taxpayers if they were given choices on where there tax dollars are going.

One of my clients asked me today how the market has been doing since the first of the year.  I told her it’s been better than this time last year.  She asked why.  I said there seems to be an immediacy with buyers these past months to where if they see something they like, they don’t hesitate to buy it.  I also went on to say how activity and prices on the higher end residential homes along with acreages have been spiking.  I’m still not so sure this is a good sign.  Double incomes with children in pricey homes has always worried me for fear they’ll be on financial rocky roads should one of them loose their jobs.  What makes it worse is when young children are involved and they’re experiencing added stress they can feel coming from their worrying parents.  No matter how nice a home is, there’s no justification in placing youngsters in stressful environments which their parents have created.

As I’ve mentioned before, I blame many of the parents of those buyers who subtly encourage their children to be on the same level which took them years to attain.  They’ve forgotten how times and employers have changed.  Lifetime careers with the same companies are dinosaurs of the past.  I only wish for more people to be a little more prudent in their buying habits.  Part of the joy of living is to work diligently towards future goals while enjoying the ride getting there.   A wise and successful elderly gentleman once told me the end result of getting what he wanted wasn’t near the satisfaction he had in looking back and remembering the the joys of making those dreams come true. As some athletes have said, “It was never the finish line that meant the most, but rather the race itself.” Isn’t it always better to know you’ve got a second wind ready when times start getting a little tough?

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