Up in a Tree

Up in a Tree-1Certainly some may believe me one considered to be an “outside the box” thinker, and for sure my comments and suggestions have bristled a few over the years, but isn’t it best to speak ones mind rather than to continually go with the flow with weak verbiage?  One of my best friends has learned over the years that nearly never have any of my statements been either mean spirited or masked by hidden agendas.  I truly believe that’s why our friendship has lasted so long.  If my opinion is asked, then I’ll give it, and if I notice something going awry, I will speak my mind.  Too much of the our general public being politically correct cause nothing but mouthfuls of useless gibberish.  I have no problem with others speaking their minds with me or making concrete suggestions, but the frilly canned comments and responses are best kept to cool the soup.  Those exceptionally annoying words like, “awesome”, “reaching out”, “generational”, and a long fish string of others cause me to turn a deaf ear.  I’ll never forget an all time annoying canned statement which would come from one of my competitors when greeting me on the phone.  Each and every time the caller would say, “Hi Joe how are you?”  After hearing it for more times than I dare mention, I finally dismissed that annoying salutatory as being nothing more than “canned”.  I never once believed he/she was truthfully inquiring about my general health and well being.  Like I said, we must say what we mean, and mean what we say.

My public open house at 804 N. Madison was a smashing success today.  A productive open house is where there’s people coming and going all during those two hours.  I really don’t like the mad rushes or curious neighbors getting their noses out of joint while making comments in front of others which become more counterproductive than productive.  I had my baptism in fire just this past year while having an open house at 718 E. State St. to where I believed some of the comments from the neighbors in the area weren’t helpful in the least bit, but alas it did get sold to some fine folks who’ll certainly bring that home back to its original glory.  I’m staying very confident my public open house tomorrow at 1045 Park Lane will be equally successful.  That home is without question a diamond in the rough.  Based on its location, quality of construction, and price, it’s indeed likely the best buy in Mason City in this time.

In speaking today to someone whose family suffers from a congenital disorder, I was reminded of what I’d read some years ago how genetic weaknesses can linger within a family for up to 13 generations.  It’s no wonder people question where or how such things suddenly appear.  From Biology 101 we learned there are dominant traits which are evident, but the recessive traits are always there waiting to re-connect in a bloodline.  I know of a family whose recessive traits are so strong and pronounced, they’d likely somehow managed over the generations to continue connecting with others sharing their same genetic weakness.  I had to laugh when a client spoke about his family when growing up and some of his siblings being now unable to recall their young years. He laughed and said, “Whenever there was discord the’d either be hiding in a closet or up in a tree.”  I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Was it an apple tree and were the apples ripe for picking?  Yes, I believe even the super-sensitivity of children comes from some sort of genetic blueprint that was created generations earlier.

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