Birth Year

Birth YearToday, I could certainly tell we’re going to have a full moon tonight.  For some reason, there are those who seem to be less themselves and more in the back and forth swing of emotion.  Those that have nearly nothing to say turn into chatter boxes as well as those who’re more outgoing, becoming reticent.  Since we’re all interconnected with Nature more so than we’d like to believe, it’s possible the gravitational pull of the Moon has an effect on our normal dispositions.  I’ve learned years ago to expect some changes with those who appear to be more sensitive to our lunar phases.  I did manage to get thru the entire day with but only one having sassed me later this morning.  I think that’s pretty good considering how often it’s happened during this phase of the Moon in the past.

One of the people at my public open house today asked me while in conversation about a very old and well made piece of furniture, “What is your opinion on why so many of the young people don’t have any interest in the older as well as antique furniture that’s far better built than what’s available in today’s stores?’  I took a deep breath and said, “Well, I truly believe I’ve come to understand the “core” of the problem, and it all starts with the word “youth”.  Do you have any idea what the long term effects are of being blitzed by advertising?  It seems no matter where we look be it in the newspapers, magazines, hear on the radio, view on desktop computers, see on televisions and billboards, and the list goes on to where it’s all about youth.  Nearly everyone has been brainwashed into believing newer is better, being younger looking is better, being more physically attractive is better, and lastly, to be sexually at the top of the lustful heap is better. With that said, I’m convinced nearly everything that has anything to do with “old” is not acceptable no matter how beautiful it is.  It has even spilled over into the middle-aged and elderly who’ve come to believe that by attempting to appear and sound generations younger than they are, they’ll be granted some sort of leases on life.  The reason I’ve never been duped into falling for such nonsense is because I was blessed at one time in my life many years ago in having the opportunity to experience life with four generations under one roof.  At first there was some great getting used to the pan-generational makeup of the household, but once we all brought ourselves up to speed with the understanding of each other, it was later realized as a worthwhile life-long experience worth remembering.”  I think the answer was more than what the questioner had expected since there was a bit of a pause before something was uttered.  “Do you think it’s too late?” she asked.  I went on to say, “It’s impossible to reel back the past since the indoctrination has already been imbedded deeply into the minds of millions. But, there is hope with all this business about “youth” if we would only start seeing and understanding the beauty that lives in all ages. Irregardless of age, we must learn to throw away those thoughts of  the superficials and dig a bit deeper to find the beauteous cores of nearly everything contained on this planet.”

If there was a highlight of my day, it was having the opportunity to freely give my opinion to one of our citizens.  As a footnote, whenever even thinking about people working hard at being and looking younger than they are, takes me back over fifteen years ago when I was at our old office located at 34 2nd St. NE where I had a full view as I do now of the goings-on at the street side.  One sunny afternoon I heard a commotion outside with some women in a mini-van.  Looking closer, I noticed an exceptionally large fifty-something woman trying to get out of the back seat of that van.

What I saw could’ve been considered against the law since I actually couldn’t look away due to the shock of what I was seeing.  Her far too low hip hugging jeans started coming down and in full view I saw the biggest tattoo of a phoenix below her waistline.  When she got out and jerked her skimpy clothes back into place, she turned around facing our office and I thought, “Lady, why can’t you dress generations closer to your age?”  It wasn’t about her size, her weight, or her age, but rather about being in denial of her birth year.

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